🗞 Health and Hair: Making the Nutrition Connection



i have been told that eating fruits and vegetables give your hair vitamins it needs to be healthy and grow, but i also know that what we do to our hair outside of that has a bigger impact on our hair and needs more then just a healthy diet to repair and maintain our hairs health.


I see a lot of women complaining of hair loss. It’s often genetic but can be due to thyroid problems or iron deficiency, amongst many other causes!


I have often thought that diet plays a huge role in hair health. Noticing the overall healthy hair appearance of people from India and certain other cultures that have the same diet confirms to me that diet is essential.


@Freedom I just want that hair! Tying in to acne and depression, this is a totally different mechanism but I’m willing to bet that depression wrecks your hair. After all, when we’re depressed we often don’t eat well, but also our bodies seem to need so much more if we’re down. Any ideas?


There are so many things that effect your hair, such as medical issues for me personally having pcos makes your hair thin and sometimes fall out, though there are medications to help with this. Some people lack biotin which care help your hair be stronger and more vibrant etc. Other vitamin deficiencies cause hair problems as well as a hole host of other symptoms.


@Emgie Agreed. Going back to diet, I would begin with an all encompassing multi vitamin, multi mineral. Youngevity is my favorite.


Ive tried the vitamins, drinking water, eating righy, but no growth.