Hello! And what's coming up in Community Cosmetics!

Hey everyone! :wave: Melissa here!

I wanted to introduce myself again, as we have a lot of new members to the forum. Take a watch and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

To recap:

Mondays - Question of the week. I’ll be posting a thought-provoking question every week for you to ponder and comment on.
Tuesdays - Tuesday Newsday. I’ll be posting an interesting article or finding and would love you you to do the same!
Wednesdays - Win it Wednesdays. This is the change to win a prize or raffle for being top contributor, for helping other forum members, or for participating in a challenge!
Thursdays - Member Spotlight. Introducing one forum member to the entire community. To submit yourself to be featured, click here!
Friday - Fun, Funky Fridays! A fun meme or video to put a smile on your face as we close out a long week.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions, send em my way!!


Hey!! I’m so excited for this product. I have some questions though. Once we get the product where do we post our pictures? And you mentioned contributing to the forum …do you mean threw these emails or on the website? Thanks for your help!

Loved your video:)

Looking forward to starting the product on Monday!

Hello Mellisa it’s a pleasure to meet you! And that handsome fury guy! Even more so it’s a pleasure to be part of the community. All those new scheduling sounds awesome, I can’t wait for Monday’s :sweat_smile: (never thought I would say that) it sounds like it’s going to be a fun week! Looking forward to it.

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@Melissa_Levick, the video was a great idea, thank you for introducing yourself in that way! I think your weekly ideas are exactly what is needed to increase community member participation!
I do have a question about Tuesday Newsday. Is the news to be centered around the Cosmetics industry, or can it be about anything? When @John first launched the site, he made it clear that our conversations/posts should not go outside the parameters of Cosmetics, so as not to lose our focus. Also, what are the parameters concerning Friday, memes, etc? Is the focus here also on Cosmetics, or just anything, as long as it’s tasteful?


I have not received any products yet.
Jennifer Trules

I love the idea :smiley: I cant wait for it.

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Hi! Take a look at these instructions which should help you out!

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Great questions!! EVERYTHING will be and will always be skin care / beauty / cosmetics related. That’s what we’re all here for and we definitely want to keep it that way :slight_smile:


Having something to look forward to on Mondays is always wonderful!!! Talk to you soon! <3

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How do you get A free sample I love to get one for my parents as things to try out

Sounds exciting can’t wait to hear what’s coming

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I still haven’t received mine :pleading_face:

Hi Melissa! Thank you for the great video! Looking forward to all of the upcoming activities!

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Hi there! Our Face-Off studies require an application and waiver signed. This particular study is closed by stay tuned for announcements about future studies!

Thank you! Love your name!! <3

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Give it a few more days. They were shipped via USPS!

USPS can take a few days. Try to be patient and know you have something to look forward to once it arrives!!

Hi Shelley! You’re going to want to upload these to your own topic called “Face-Off Dark Circles 01 - [FIrst Name, Last Name]” and upload all 30 days worth of photos there. If you need help writing your own topic, here’s a step by step guide!