Help us Grow 🌳 Great Members


Team @CC_Body_Lotion_01

We hope you are seeing the value of having new members come on board. It’s refreshing to have new ideas and perspectives coming in to our growing community, and makes for a richer, more valuable experience.

Many people have found us through freebie sites as a result of our Co-Creator promotions looking for people to help us test our products. This is a mixed blessing, while it generates many new users, most of them are just looking for free things in the mail, instead of also being motivated to learn more about skin and be an active member of our community who also want to contribute by sharing reviews, knowledge, and their stories.

You can help us grow by inviting your friends to our fast-growing community. If you’ve found value in this experience, we would appreciate you getting the word out on social media or however you mingle with people. The best way to help us grow an engaged and quality group looking to learn more about skin care and evaluating & testing products, is through you!

It’s easy for you to invite new members, just click on your Avatar>Gear>Invites

Thanks so much for being early adopters of this process, we’re having a blast and hope you are too.




Can you please plain how to invite others again? I click on my avatar but don’t see the invites


Sure, click on the gear icon after clicking on your avatar and you should see an option.


I must be blind. I still cannot find it. :grimacing:


Try again, I just made a change, can you see it now?


I am not seeing it either. I’m clicking on my avatar and the gear but I don’t see a section called Invites.


Try now? If anyone else is having issues please let me know.



I see it now. Thanks!



Yes I can see it now! Glad I wasn’t the only one…I thought I was a dum dum lol.


I just was granted the ability to invite users so I will see which friends have a serious interest in joining this amazing community!


@John eventually will you be “weeding out” those members who joined under the expectation that this would just be a freebie site and remain inactive (or only become active when freebies are on the line)?


I’d love to invite but most of my friends aren’t living here.


We understand most people who join forums are either casually lurking for info, or in our case might have joined under the pretense to get something for free. We hope nobody joined thinking it was a freebie site, though experience has taught us that many people on the internet like to click things without reading them so I suppose some folks may have misunderstood what was going on. We hate it when that happens, because expectations are important to us, so we’ll certainly take responsibility that we could do a better job at explaining our unconventional approach.

After the freebie folks and the lurker folks, the rest are passionate about the cause and actively participate. Participation helps create content which people find valuable and so it makes people want to return. Some of these lurkers may eventually turn into active members, so we won’t turn them away or weed them out because they may be shy, but we won’t be asking them to participate in Co-Creator opportunities to test our products until they become more active.

As a pre-revenue company it’s expensive to run the forum and make products to send to people for free, but the community is an important extension of our philosophy and marketing strategy, which is why participation is very important to us. People who actively participate in discussions will be invited to participate in Co-Creator modules as they become available, and those who continue to participate will be invited back to continue to test our products. Many of our Co-Creators will be testing our third product this next round! We love our Co-Creators!

However, Co-Creators who do the bare minimum and don’t participate much in our forum will not be invited to return to test products in future modules. It’s nothing personal, we’re building a skincare community and that requires participation, and we want to reward those who participate by testing our natural products. For example, there are a few who submitted selfies or scored in our scavenger hunt perfectly, and signed our legal waiver, but haven’t said a word in our community. We’ll send them their free product to test, but if we can’t engage with them beyond that we will look for someone else to take their spot for the next round. This isn’t intended to scare anyone, we just hope the free products are a nice benefit for being part of our community, rather than the other way around.

Probably a longer answer than you were looking for. In short, there’s no harm in inviting your friends, nobody will hate if they want to lurk for a while :slight_smile:


I would like to invite people that would become authentic Co Creators, but no one I know would invest in the time needed to read or write posts or write reviews. :disappointed:


I am afraid I might be in the same boat. Unfortunately we are living in a time where instant gratification is key and/or they wouldn’t have the time, patience OR desire to devote themselves.


I like this forum because you can learn about new products and possibly tips and tricks about beauty more than just getting free products… my goodness.


I am missing the “Invite” tab. I’ve clicked on my avatar and then the gear. I could just be way behind in reading my articles that the link is no longer active. My apologies.


Hi Vera, please try again…