Hi/Lo Challenge - Chris Chung


As simple as it looks it’s the most inexpensive and most effective skin care item i have! I LOVE it! I am a big supporter of moisturizing and when Gold Bond came out with this product I HAD to have it! It’s a combination of African Shea, coconut oil and cocoa butter! It works well no matter the seasons! I need only apply once! It’s softens and smooths my skin, even my skin tone and leave it radiant! I WORKS hint I tip a little tea tree oil in it for my feet!!


I called these 2 my twins and they are a few of the most expensive skin care items I use, these two are my favorite duo for my weekend DIY facials. I love the Purliss brand both combined was over a 100usd value the moisturizer alone was 45usd i have the links on the deals so I can get it much cheaper :shushing_face:
However I love my routine with these products! They work for me! And I know they will for you too! They are made from ingredients provided by nature!