Hi/Lo Challenge - Mechelle Heard


My High End product is the GlamGlow Waterburst Hydrated Glow Moisturizer. My Drug Store/Low End is the Sano Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum +. The GlamGlow Waterburst has been a miracle worker with my hereditarily dry skin. It claims to last for 72 hours, and although I’ve not put it to the test for quite so long, it does an amazing job of keeping my skin plumped and not only alleviating but preventing my cracks and flakes. It is worth every penny they ask, but I got it on a terrific sale. I got the Full sized moisturizer, a full sized Galactic cleanser(meh) and a deluxe sample sized Thirsty Mud for $25 shipped. My Low End Serum is an Amazon find, it was priced at $9, but I paid 90¢. It works great! It allows my moisturizers and other products to penetrate more deeply and therefore work more effectively. I also like that it includes Vitamin C for a double whammy💪

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