Hi/Lo Challenge - Tiffani Ratliff


Please excuse the Ponds appearance. I saved it from my neighbors dogs. They love to open my mail - inside product not tampered with

My late beloved Granny had beautiful skin. As a child she would say to me, “Baby, Granny has to have her Ponds”. She explained to me it was all she had ever used for her skin. I kept with her words of wisdom and experience and use Ponds as my moisturizer. It’s a classic and very moisturizing. I purchase it via Walmart.com for $6.88 for 10.1 ounces. Definitely, my favorite for under $10.

My favorite over $50 product is Luna Retinol Sleeping Night Oil by Sunday Riley. I came across this product over the winter. It has helped my skin a lot. After using it for a only a couple weeks someone commented, “Wow your skin looks amazing”. I had researched retinol and seeing is believing this stuff works. It’s not greasy. It takes only a couple drops and it soaks into the skin well. 1.18 ounces costs $105 via the Sephora app. I will say it’s worth every penny. Currently, using a trial size, as I save up for this holy grail :smile:

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I love that your neighbors dogs ate your mail. I’m sure that requires patience on your part!

Love these products! Thank you!!

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