High/Low Challenge- Samantha Spadea


Here are 2 of my favorite skin care products! The first is a moisturizer by The Ordinary. It costs $5.80 and it is so good! It’s really moisturizing, mattifying, and is a really good base for makeup. Ang you can’t beat the price!! Here’s the link!

The second product is a face mist that I use before I put on creams/serums, and throughout the day if my face feels dry. It’s not over $50 (I don’t use any skin care products that cost that much!) but at $32 it is more than I usually spend! I love it because it makes my skin look great! It makes my pores look smaller, it’s moisturizing, and it can even be used as a setting spray, even though it’s marketed as a primer. I’m on my second bottle! Here the link for this one!