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How do you keep up your beauty routine with things you blend or make yourself?Sometimes I’ll mix sugar and coffee grounds and coconut oil to use on my legs after I shave.

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I’ve used charcoal on my tooth brush before to help whiten my teeth. It feels funny but I think it works. I live by sugar scrubs and have always wanted to make my own. I’ve made bath salts mixed with oils and that worked well too.


Years ago I tried using just straight coffee grounds as a scrub but I didn’t like it. I should try it with coconut oil! That’s a good idea :slight_smile:


I saw a YouTube video a while back showing you how to mix baking soda and water into a paste to use as a quick mask to help minimize and clean out the pores. It did seem to deeply clean my face but I didn’t really like it. It was really messy and a little harsh on my skin. I have been brushing olive oil onto my lashes every night to help soften and nourish them and hopefully make them grow longer. I’m not sure if it works yet because I’ve only been doing it for a few weeks. I think it’s fun to try diy beauty treatments.


I don’t do it often. Maybe every once in a while I’ll use some baking soda to make a body scrub or I’ll make a sugar scrub but I usually make those as I use them.


I love my homemade body scrub. Coconut oil, eucalyptus bath salts, matcha green tea and a couple drops of whatever essential oil in in the mood for.
Sometimes I play with adding other carrier oils to it like jojoba, rose hip, hempseed and grapeseed oils.I started making it when I was pregnant because my stretched out skin was always dry and itchy.
It worked so wonderfully that I never needed to use lotion!
Also, the few light stretch marks I got faded in a few months, not that I minded them.

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When I have time,
I make- avocado honey moisturizer and basil toner.


I experienced unexpected hair loss a couple years ago from a thyroid condition. After much research created a hair mask of coconut oil, jojoba and essential oils. It worked miracles and fully restored my hair growth.Also add activated charcoal to my dental routine… it dramatically whitened my teeth, better than a professional treatment!

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Like many people have used baking soda as a facial scrub and found it a little bit drying. I have also made sugar scrub using olive oil, coconut oil, and raw sugar because I like the slightly larger sugar crystals. Last year when I got really bad chapped lips I used to mixture of raw local honey that I got from the farmers market and coconut oil and it was a really soothing lip balm. It was also very delicious.

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A co-worker helped me with making teacher gifts one Christmas for my boys. She had made it before and even sold them. You mix sugar and Palmolive Dish Soap, the pink kind, together and put in Mason jars for a hand scrub. I bought lotions at Bath & Body Works to pair with it. The scrub works amazing and smells so good. I received more thank yous than ever and even had teacher’s asking me where I got them. I still make batches and love her for showing me

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I haven’t had much luck with “homeade” My biggest attempt has probably being putting tea bags over my eyes, but the bags are still with me. Help gratefully accepted/


I went on a completely homemade body care routine for a while.
I had
an arsenol of “raw” ingredients…to name a few…coacoa butter, Shea butter, mango butter, organic beeswax, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, castor oil, avacado oil, bentonite clay, magnesium, hymilayan salt, MANY essential oils, arrowroot powder and more.
I have used these to make body lotions, blams, creams, body wash, shampoo and conditioner,
deoderants, lip balms, body scrubs, lip scrubs, facial exfoliants, body sprays, mosquito repellent, home freshners, surface cleaners, air freshners, massage oils, balms and oils for joint pain and aches, oils for calming, and headaches. I have had lots of success with making these…I just don’t do it as much because my raw supplies have dwindled (have to reorder some) and/or I haven’t had the time. The convienece of purchasing a product has been influencing my lack of DYI lately.


I make my own rose water


Where do you find roses with smell, and how do you make it?


Ohh I’m all about DIY on skincare. I’ve used timeric to brighten / even my skin tone, sugar scrubs after waxing, potatoe grinds to help with puffy eyes…


I don’t use any type of home remedies, I rely on cosmetic or skincare companies to do that for me.


Tell me more about the potato grinds, gotta be better than the tea bags!


Team: I’m seeing many mentions of Coconut Oil on this topic.We are big consumers of coconut oil and milk in our house, putting it in smoothies, tea, coffee… we use it in cooking and baking - but we don’t put it on our skin.You should know that as wonderful as it is, Coconut Oil is considered Comodegenic, which means it has a tendency to clog pores.
Check out this forum post to learn more about comodegencity, and which ingredients won’t clog your pores.https://communitycosmetics.cmnty.com/forum/view_topic/49/159/Comedogenic/What-is-Comedogenicity

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