Home Remedies for Dark Circles


So, has anyone tried any home remedies for dark circles? Obviously there are a plethora of products to purchase but I always love a DIY! Anyone done any of these or any of their own?


Awesome!! This is so informative. I don’t suffer from dark circles under my eyes but now I know why not! 95% of the ingredients listed to help against it or to get rid of it I’m already consuming and incorporated in my daily routine. Moisterizers like for eg: “Youth to the People” facial moisturizer I’m using presently and in the past! Again Aloe and Lemon Grass ( I drink both in teas and use them topically for a smooth, even tone and supple skin.


I love this info. The is some thing try for dark circles


There are an abundance of diy’s for dark circles. I found that any thing cold does the trick especially cold wet green tea bags and cold cucumbers are my faves. I’ve been following Ayurvedic skincare remedies lately and I saw a woman use black pepper in a diy but I have never tried it tho.


I am surprised that there are so many ways to get rid of the dark circles. I have tried just couple of them but no success.
Thanks for sharing the info.


Definitely need to try these! Thank you for sharing!


I use vitamin k and a refridgerated gel mask


Interesting thanks for sharing that. I would have liked that they had added a sun sensitivity warning to the tomato and lemon remedy. I would think that some people could have an issue with that since they are both an acid.


This article was very informative and helpful. I have not tried any of the methods. I will be trying them out though!


Wow I’m so glad to see that there are a lot of solutions for this. I’ve used coconut oil a few times and tried milk, but it can become drying so need to watch out for that and moisturize.


I will being trying some of these remedies.


Would much rather try these than a bunch of products that I don’t know what they contain! Very helpful!


Great info. Thanks for sharing.


i think these are some great ideas, thank you, can’t wait to try a few.


Very informative article. I have tried Jojoba Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil on their own, not mixed with essential oils or other ingredients. And yet I still signed up to participate in the Dark Circles Face Off.


That’s some very informative information thanks!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have serious dark under eye and I will be try few of the things mention in the article. Thanx for sharing.