House Plants


I am moving into a new apartment in a couple weeks and I know what I want lots of: HOUSEPLANTS! I live in Portland, OR, which is a temperate rainforest with very clear air. I’d like a good mix of medicinal/edible plants and decorative plants. I know that air plants will do well in bathrooms without much attention, and I found a DIY for little magnet wine cork planters so I can put succulents on my fridge. If I wanted a little cart of kitchen herbs, what would I plant there? What houseplants do you love?


I grow some herbs on my kitchen window still. Parsley, thyme, and basil are what I grow in my house. I have seen tho at home depot they have new things to grow herbs in your house


An Aloe Vera plant is a good idea. They not only make good indoor plants, but provide a convenient way to deal with cuts, burn, etc.


@edelorimier… Aloe is good and it can grow to impressive sizes. I have a rosemary plant that I keep in the inside hallway outside my office door. It gets a lot of light from from an outside window and it has the advantage of heat and AC when necessary but it’s a pretty self-sufficient plant and it’s a perennial. Occaisionally, I give it a kelp capsule. Other than that, all you’d have to do is keep it from getting too leggy, too many long branches hitting the floor, and of course, you can eat the trimmings! Smells good too. Have a good move.


@Emgie tell me more about Kelp capsules! Are they good for most houseplants? What do they do?


Sure! Kelp is seaweed, seaweed has been used for fertilizer for years. I just use one from our bottle, think it’s Nature’s Way at present. There are two ways I’ve found that seem to work well: Open the capsule and empty it into a gallon of water, use as needed. or I just nestle a capsule into the potting soil and let it dissolve with waterings. If you get a very young or small plant, I’d go easy until it settles into its new home, baby it a little. You don’t want to overfeed it.

Mint will work too. Just give it a big enough pot so it doesn’t get root bound as it grows like crazy. There are a lot of variations on mint, so I’d get one like peppermint or spearmint that is commonly used as food or for healing. That way, you’ll be sure of it.


Almost forgot, pothos and spider plants are great air cleaners and easy to care for. :cat:


I can’t tell you how many times my aloe Vera plants have saved my skin.


In general, succulent pots should have a drainage hole on the bottom (and then a dish below that, so it doesn’t drain out onto your counter/table/window sill), and it’ll be a little more difficult to grow them in the conditions that you’re describing (although it sounds super cute!). This is a good guide to doing it successfully:

They typically need a lot of sunlight also, so make sure the fridge is getting enough light! However, some succulents are better for indoors and require less light, so that’s another thing to look into!

I unfortunately live in a basement apartment and can’t have many plants due to the lack of windows. One day, I’d love an apartment filled with plants!