How come some lotions and body washes do not absorb and leave your skin feeling greasy?


i have come across different textures, some runny, some thick but absorb quick, and others greasy and it doesn’t seem to absorb., and i end up having to either wash it off ( lotion) or wipe it off with a towel


I think some products might separate during shipping from the packing facility to the store. I also think some formulas may change with the seasons. I’ve also noticed this in a lot of products so i don’t know if ingredients changes may also cause this. I’ve thrown products away because they were just awful. If products are labeled for a certain skin type that may also be the result. I just tried a face wash for dry skin that left my face feeling oily.


I’m not sure what ingredients in particular do this, but it’s definitely disappointing when you think you’re trying out a great lotion but then it won’t sink it! It’s such a gross feeling. Even for lotions that do sink in well, I feel like I need to rub it in for a while just to make sure. My favorite lotion is the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any kind of oily or greasy feeling on my skin. It works very well and it’s also great for sensitive skin. I’ve been using it for years!



yeah i will not use
a face care product that leaves my skin feeling oily i either find someone to give it to or i will trow it away, but if it is for the body i try mixing another type of product with it to balance it out, rather then throw it away and just learn my lesson on not purchasing it again.


yes. aveeno has always worked really well on all types of skin.
i just don’t always feel in the mood for the scents it comes in.


i bought my grandmother shea moisture with virgin coconut oil that was for extremely dry skin and it ended up working better for my mom who has combination/ oily skin. i wonder if it was just labeled incorrectly.
i usually have stuck to what i know in
body washes here lately such as oil of olay
or dial, but would love to find something different



I’m about to ditch a product from a company I love because although it eventually sinks in, I feel not only very soft, but vaguely greasy even hours after applying it.
However, using very little, less than you’d think, does cut down on the problem. I’ve got a menthol-based product we use in
the office that gave me that nice surprise. It still takes a little while to sink in and dry, but it’s so rich, you need just a small amount. Hey, maybe I’ll keep product number one, use even less at a time and see if it does the trick by still covering without rubbing.


The sample is for severly dry skin. I can see using it during the winter but not now that it’s summer. Another person who tried the sample said she had the same result an oily feeling.


I think like with most things formulas vary from batch to batch. what i mean by that is some might be a bit thicker or maybe they weren’t mixed as well.


have you tried mixing it with another type of lotion before applying, to see if that helps it absorb better? i have had to do that with several, and then after i used it all i just didn’t purchase it again. i would just hate to see you waste it. i hope you find a way to use it without the aggravating after effect of not absorbing correctly & being greasy on your skin


you could be right. but how do you know if you will get one mixed correctly or not?


I’ve had that problem with different oils and usually I try to just use a little less or also dab them off with a soft towel.


Thankfully I haven’t had this problem. Although I enjoy trying new body lotions and creams, I only buy natural or organic brands. I’m not saying this problem couldn’t happen with a natural or organic brand, but I haven’t had this to be the case.


I really abhor a product that does not absorb into my skin.
When a moisturizer just smears and sits on top of my skint it makes me feel gross and dirty.

This is one reason I prefer a body oil moisturizer.