How do you pamper yourself?


My wife and I like to get massages.
We’ve found the most amazing body worker and spiritual being… Every session is like tapping into source, and getting a full reset of body, mind, and spirit - it’s remarkably relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. Incredible!How do you take care of yourself, do you have any self-care rituals?

Week 17 Update

Lately, I’ve been using more skin care. Such as using different types of maks. I
find it helps me just destress.


Almost every evening I take a bath to unwind.
Sometimes I throw in a bath bomb or bath salts and other times nothing but warm water.
It really helps me unwind from my day and get ready for a good night’s sleep.
will take an infrared sauna, which is a great way to detox.

I also get a massage every 3 weeks.
It is absolutely wonderful!
Both my mind and muscles feel better when I am finished.


I will give myself a manicure or a pedicure.


I enjoy taking baths and rotating which type of bath bomb and lotions I use after. My husband and I try to live simple lives but sometimes the chaos of the world provides reasons for us to pamper ourselves. We’re foodies so our monthly date is a great way we can pamper ourselves by trying new foods and just spending time together alone helps us unwind.


Someone gave me some of these snail masks recently.
Not sure what’s in them, but they do make my skin feel nice and hydrated.
It’s also relaxing.



I like to go very in depth with everything skincare related once a week. I’ll really take my time with my facial skincare routine and do some kind of mask, usually a charcoal one. I’ll also shave with a really creamy vanilla shaving cream and take my time with that as well rather than just rushing it in the shower real quick. It always ends up being very relaxing and it’s nice knowing I’m taking care of myself at the same time!



I love to do yoga at least once a week. Additionally, I treat myself with facial masks, body scrubs as well as massage.


Also, in Slovakia,
we have bunch of different wellness centers with hot tubs, 15 different saunas and steam rooms, and water parks. I always spend a whole day there when I’m home :slight_smile:


I enjoy trying out new skincare, so I often order new creams, serums, and masks from Sephora. Every evening before I go to bed, I take a nice shower and then I take my time and apply all my favorite skincare. It’s very relaxing and I know I’m doing good things for my skin. I also do a mask every other day. Lately, I’ve been loving these Patchology hydrating sheet masks. They feel so nice and leave my skin so soft and moisturized. And I’m still addicted to the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask as well.
My lips are never dry when I get up since I started using Laneige. It’s nice to take time out to take care of yourself, especially when life can be so busy.



I recently moved, my last apt. didn’t have a tub, just a shower. So taking baths bc an immediate self care ritual. I usually listen to my favorite podcast or read, most I just zone out.

My other self care, relaxtion in involves my apt, is there is a terrace off the bedroom and I frequently just sit outside and listen to birds, etc.
I’ve always, since I was a kid, would go outside to chill.


Usual pampering includes bubble baths, mani/pedi at home, picking up new incense and crystals. Recently I came across nail strips! Please someone tell me why I haven’t tried them before now. I am in love! It makes “painting” my daughter and my nails effortless. My daughter is 6 and I’m sure most of you know a 6 year old wont sit still long enough for nails to dry. I know I can’t :joy:.



A relaxing bath, I love using bath bombs especially the ones from Lush. Unfortunately I only get that relaxing time maybe once a month or less since my 3 kids aren’t all banging on the bathroom door!


Defintely, a long hot bath with some oil in it! I get the cats and husband fed, hope that anything else I’m not doing can be done another day, start the hot water and close the door. I don’t get to do it often, since I’m often working up to the time my eyes start to close. Anyone who knows me knows it best be a major crisis if you plan to invade my tub time. Ordinarily I love being around people more than anything, but sometimes I just need to disconnect. No talk, no music, OK, maybe a cat sitting on the edge of the tub, wondering if I understand that I’m lying in water!


hot bath, with epsom salt & rose petals, while wearing a face mask, and a hair mask.
but occasionally visiting a spa for the full pamper package, it is kind of pricey so i usually go with the first answer.
the epsom salt relives body aches, the rose petals moisturize your skin, the face mask detoxifies pores and the hair mask brings my hair back to life. it works almost as good as the spa.


Sounds lovely, we need these in the States.


While I do enjoy body care, doing facials, using luxurious body lotions and oils, my ultimate form of self care is internal. I feel most rejuvenated or pampered with a piping hot mug of tea and being able to read and or write, two of my passions.


I have found that when I am trying to avoid something important, I get way too into sheet masks and long baths and whatnot.
I’m trying not to get trapped in the “self care uwu” phenomenon that I see in my peers.

My self care usually requires more self-reflection and personal upkeep as i tend to fall into depressive slumps.
When I need a reset, I go work out really hard and I find a salad to eat.
I know a professionally trained but uncertified masseuse (friend from the theater dept, learned massage from her masseuse mama) and she knows lots about how my scoliosis affects my back pain.
I keep my water bottle handy and try to drink 2 fills of it a day.

Sometimes I need a friend to keep me accountable for things I need to do to care for myself like laundry or finishing that damn paper.
Taking breaks from mood altering drugs like caffeine and cannabis sometimes helps me recalibrate but not always.
Schedules and positive interactions help the most!!


I love the single packs because you don’t have to commit to an entire product.


I do my skincare every morning and every night and I usually set out a little time for hair masking and a facial mask as well.
BUT, how I unwind or clear my head from a busy day, I simply walk outside and go find my horses.
Yes, they are my four legged therapist and every moment with them is magical.
If you have never own a horse or had a connection with one then you can’t possibly understand.
I use to be a therapeutic riding instructor I taught disabled and mentally challenged children and adults therapy on horses.
For instance and John please delete this if not allowed but I would like to share something very near and dear to my heart and soul.
I had a young boy who was 7 years old and he was sexually assaulted by an older man who his parents trusted.
The boy stopped talking completely and shut down, it was as though he existed without any words or emotions.
I had this boy for almost 2 months and spent hours with him and as always I brought a horse into every session.
He loved the horse and would interact with him to some degree but still never spoke a word.
In the sessions we use a term called “joining up” this means that you have your horse on a halter and you work with the horse and you lead the horse around but the trick is to remove the halter and see if that horse will trust you enough to still want to be with you.
It’s a very tricky thing to learn and become one with a horse.
One day I was with this boy and the horse in a huge arena the boy just acted different that day and he wasn’t really wanting to engage with the horse so I told the boy he could take the halter off his horse and go sit down if he wanted to.
The boy removed the halter and walked all by himself down to the other side of the arena and sat down.
Now this is where the magic began, up to this point the horse NEVER would “Join Up” with him but this day was different.
I watched the horse walk all the way down to where the boy was sitting and the horse lowered his head and took his nose and gently nudged the boys shoulder.
The boy looked up into the horses eyes and stood up and began to speak and he poured his little heart and soul out to this four legged animal about all the horrible things that happened to him and all that he had endured so many times with his offender.
As a therapy instructor we are taught to be strong and show we care but there is a fine line that we cannot cross such as showing any emotional display, well that day I couldn’t help but to stand and cry with that little boy and that magic soul we call a horse.
That’s my “what I do to relax moment”.
It doesn’t get any better than that for me.
How I truly relax and clear my thoughts and unwind from a busy day, take a long walk in a pasture with my horses.