How do you relieve severely dry skin and scalp


my grandmother is looking for body washes, shampoo’s, conditioners, and lotions to help relieve her severely dry skin, she has tried a lot of well known brands even baby oil and nothing seems to work. she is 83 years old and is really bothering her. is there anybody who can help with some products or ideals please? any suggestion is better then none.


Shea Moisture is so good!
Head and shoulders might help with dandruff, but it’s a quick fix, I found it a little drying.


Head and Shoulders is a great shampoo for dry, sensitive scalps. I’d recommend Jergins or Eucerin for severely dry skin. If she has sores I would say she should try “triple paste”.



My hubby suffers with dry skin on his scalp and head and shoulders legit seemed to make it worse! We have not found anything that actually works like a charm but there is a “clinical” shampoo called T-Sal and it has worked the best so far! Please keep me informed if you find something better for sure! We are always looking for better!!!


I mentioned this in another post. While living in Connecticut my family began suffering with dry skin and scalps. I found out it was the water. We bought water filter shower heads. Problem solved.


If her scalp is itchy from the dryness, I would recommend something with tea tree oil.


many o these suggestions are great.
But i would agree with two of them it may be hard water and she may want to try something with tea tree oil in it. I
tried this product and t helped with my dry scalp.



I agree with many others about the tea trea oil for the scalp. My son has had eczema since he was a baby and I found that Eucerin, Cetaphil, and Aveeno all have lotions and body washes that are gentle and moisturizing (and unscented). Also avocado oil is really great for irritations on the body and moisturizing for the hair and scalp. It’s a little heavy for the face, but if her skin is really dry she might be ok.


I think a dermatologist may have some good recommendations, especially if her skin is extremely dry. I’m not sure what would help with a dry scalp. My face is somewhat dry, and for me, the Sunday Riley CEO Rapid Flash Brightening Serum has really helped me. This stuff is super hydrating, but I’ve only used it on my face. I also enjoy using Hempz lotions on my body in the winter. It’s very thick and creamy, and really helps me stay moisturized. I really hope she finds something that helps, but if she’s excessively uncomfortable I would really consider seeing a dermatologist.



I am interested in relieving y dry itchy flaky scalp too, also my back and pubic area have become really dry and flaky and so itchy… I am thinking of making an appt. with a dermatologist.


T-Sal made my scalp drier and itchier unfortunately.


So sorry your grandma is going through dry skin!

Maybe check on a barrier cream?
I know in nursing homes they use lotions/creams that they use on dry skin and also to prevent bed sores.
Thick stuff! And also she may be not drinking enough fluids???


Here’s another vote for tea tree oil. This stuff is practically magical it works on so many things!


For scalp dryness I highly recommend the Maui Moisture in THE PINK bottles of shampoo and conditioner both of them first ingredient is Aloe Vera, for face to wash the CeraVe moisturizing wash is fabulous.
For a moisturizer for your body my favorite is Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil.


thank you everybody i will definitely buy all of them to see which she likes best


I’ve always loved the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing body wash and lotion. But my skin isn’t extremely dry, so honestly I’m not sure if it would work just as well for her. But both are hydrating and very gentle! I don’t have an issue with dry scalp, but my boyfriend uses Head & Shoulders and it seems to help him!



My mom has severely dry skin she uses eucerin and aquaphor as for dry scalp head and shoulders


Hi there.
Sorry about your grandmother. I have a few things that may help you help her.
First, lots of older people get psoriasis on their scalp and this usually results in scaly flaky itchy patches of dry skin built up on their heads so 1. Try avoiding any kind of irritation to the scalp. Use a more mild shampoo and conditioner with no dyes or perfumes in them. 2. Brush as little as possible and when you do brush make sure the comb/brush is cleaned out everytime as they can hold irritating bacteria’s. 3. The most important advice I can give is for her to go see a dermatologist and have them access and diagnose the problem so they can then prescribe proper treatment for her issue.


I’m sorry I completely thought we were taking about scalp.
Well same applies for body washes.
Mild formulas dye free and scent free would be a good idea. Same for body lotions.
Mild formulas formulated for someone in her age brackets skin type.
Probably something very thick that would continue to penetrate the skin all day. Make sure she uses enough of the product as well.
She may not be applying enough lotion to penetrate all the way thru.


Nizoral is good for dry scalp, I have alopecia and get injections in my scalp which causes it to be dry. I have been using this and its helped me so much.