How does your regimen change with the season?


We are getting close to fall season and with that comes a change in the air and our skin. Does your regimen change with the season? What do you do differently? Having combination skin, my regimen changes along with the products that I use. In summer months I get horribly oily so any product I use has to be oil free or made for oily skin. I have to cleanse more and exfoliate at least twice a week. During fall and winter months, I tend to dry out more, in turn leading to a whole new routine and products for dry skin. Share your regimen.


In the summer I’m also oily but in the fall and winter I get real dry so I start using black soap because it has shea butter in it and adds the extra moisturizer I need…


i tend to use more moisturizer during the fall and winter. Besides that I don’t think much changes.


In the summer, I often apply a facial moisturizer that has sunscreen if I know I am going to be spending the day outdoors. I don’t use this in the winter. In the wintertime, I am better about applying body lotion as my skin tends to dry out more then. Also in the winter, I am also better at using the infrared sauna to detox In the summer, it just sounds too hot to use.


Do you change moisturizers, for example do you use a heavier one in winter versus a lighter formula in the summer?


I try to but I might stick with the same product and use less during the summer.


Change in seasons?! I live in Alabama. I mentioned in another post that I saw a poster that described our seasons like this, “Summer, Summer, Summer, Christmas.” No need to change regimen.


Im in southeastern Tennessee so I can completely relate on 3 seasons of summer :grinning:


I’ve never really been one to pay too much attention until the last few months. I have quite the face routine right now and hoping to use most of it in the winter. I do definitely go lighter on moisturizer or just use an emulsion for moisturizer right now during summer. In the past I really only used lotion in the winter on my legs and arms as they did tend to get dry to the point where I noticed and needed to do something about it. I am in MN so we get all 4 seasons and winters can be brutal.


:star: My skin care routine changes but not drastically between summer months and winter months. During the summer I tend to have oily skin, so I exfoliate a few times a week, I wear my face mask, I use my toner and of course I use moisturizer. Just because you have oily skin don’t mean you shouldn’t moisture. A lot of times the reason your face will become oily is because your face is lacking hydration. You will start to produce too much sebum so if you keep your face hydrated enough, you won’t produce as much which means less oil. During winter months, I tend to have dry skin so I use most of the same things but I tweak a few things here and there. Like maybe different mask, a more potent moisturizer etc…I have my favorites that I use year round. I have a daily skin care routine & a weekly skin care routine. Sundays are usually the day that I go all out with my routine. Selfcare Sunday is important to me because I like to start the coming week with a fresh face & clean mind :heart: I also have Face mask Friday lol! :laughing


During the summer fall and winter I used more moisturizing products when in spring when it’s a lot of moisture in the air I use more oil free products so my face dont over produce oils.