How to get rid of acne scars?


After years of fighting acne, my skin finally cleared out. However, I ended up with several pimple scars on my cheeks. Do you know about any acne scar treatments? Do you have any personal experience with it?


I have a few acne scars and unfortunately, I still get an occasional pimple as well.
I was told that rose hip seed oil is good for diminishing acne scars. I’ve been using this Physicians formula rose all day serum and I think it has helped some. I’m no expert and my scars were very mild, but I really think this has helped to improve the look of my skin. Plus, it’s super affordable.



I dont personally have acne scars, but I have heard people talking about how there are a few products from the brand The Ordinary that works great for it. I have tried some of there other products and have had some great results. There products are great quality and very affordable!


I use a micro needler derma roller!
Have noticed amazing results!


Guess I got lucky on this one. I used to kid that I’d have zits under my wrinkles, but the oiliness went away, maybe too much!


i have used lucky fine retinaol facial serum, zaia c23 vitamin c serum, and this 2 step acne scar fading system this 2 step acne scar fading system worked really good it is just kind of high priced


I have a scar from a blackhead but I’ve never tried making it go away. When I have acne I use a acne spot treatment Up&Up’s version of
Neutrogena’s On-the-Spot Acne Treatment. Sorry I’m not much help.


well there is another product i have used that worked really good as well, i got to try it for free from… it is called niara beauty
retinol cream moisturizer for face & eyes.
you can purchase it on amazon or sign up for the free product site mombranding and get it.


I don’t have any acne scars so I can’t help with this topic.


Several years ago I used the ProActiv system. It helped to totally transform my skin.


I didn’t really suffer from acne so the best thing I can advice is to seek out a very reputable Dermatologist who specializes in perhaps laser therapy.
I’ve heard lots of great things.

#12’s a neat article I found about acne scars.
It looks like acne scars are come from the overproduction of collagen created when acne blemishes heal.

Part of this page talks about how some acne scars resemble chicken pox scars, which I have.
Do you think some of the same treatments would work on my chicken pox scars?


Great link @edelorimier
I second @MarshaWoods
I think if you’re looking for a permanent solution, this is Dermatologist territory.
They will help diagnose your particular type of scarring to offer the right type of treatment.



To be completely honest I never really had acne that bad, so I personally never looked into different t products to awe which is best. Sorry


I’m so glad someone brought up this topic, as I still go back and forth on which products are best. I even went on Accutane (a strong anti-acne medication prescribed by dermatologists) two different times in my late teens and early twenties. It seemed to help while I was on it, but now entering my early thirties, the oiliness and breakouts are back! I have been reading up a lot on how diet can truly affect skin, such as how dairy products can exacerbate acne. And I LOVE greek yogurt, whole grain cereal with low-fat milk, etc, but am trying to cut back on dairy and see if that helps. Here is a link to a really great site!: Also to answer the original question :slight_smile: I find that putting 100% pure aloe vera gel on my scar spots really helps and doesn’t cause future breakouts or irritation.


I have no experience with acne scars but I do have alot of post surgical scarring. After using the scar treatment products on the market in cremes, my son’s dermatologist told me about a product that is a multi use oil that helps acne as well as surgical scars, stretch marks, and is even good to use in the beauty regimen to reduce the signs of aging and can be bought at your local Walmart or drug store. It’s called Bio Oil. It is plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base. You do have to use it several times a day and it takes time but it is used widely in my home from my son’s acne scars to my post surgical scars to it being used periodically overnight as a sleep oil on my face.



Vitamin E helps a lot.


Anything with Vitamin C in it. Vitamin c is brightening, lightening and tightening. Look into a serum more than a moisturizer though bc serums are going to to absorb into the skin quicker. I would look into the drunk elephant line, they have a vitamin c Serum that is very powerful. As far as sunscreen goes I really enjoy supergoop. Doesn’t have the harsh sunscreen smell and no weird white cast. Hope that helps


Look for products with niacinamide, like tree of life beauty niacinamide serum or elizavecca moisture sparkle cream! It helps even out dark spots and has helped a lot with my acne scars!
I also use vitamin c serum.
Be sure to put sunscreen over vitamins you out on your face, so they don’t oxidize on your face!



Low cost treatments I use that have federal success: using skin softening gel before I sleep and using an exfoliation every other day. When I have open acne scars on my face I treat them with antibiotic cream and sunscreen.