How to get rid of dark circles


Has anyone tried any of these methods?

  1. Microneedling
  2. Vitamin B12
  3. Retinol
  4. Silymarin
  5. Hyaluronic Acid
  6. Jade Rolling

Wondering because these are some of the more unique treatments I’ve ever seen. I personally have only tried creams and getting more sleep (good luck with that lol).

More on each of these in this article.



I haven’t tried anything on the list. When I did use Retin A, I couldn’t use it around my eyes successfully because of the drying effect. It’s very interesting that B-12 is on the list. I recently was having a skin issue and did some research on the symptoms. When I googled what the vitamin deficiency could be, it revealed Vitamin B-12. I’ve already made a note to purchase.



Fascinating. Keep us posted if you try it! I just bought an at home micro-needler, more for fine lines on my forehead than dark circles but I’ll try it and let you know!



Working on microneedling!

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I have only used Retinol in cream form and havent tried any of these methods. I kinda feel like there is just too much in terms of stripping away skin cells and being in my 40s, wonder if that cant take a toll on my skin.

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For those who’ve done the microneedling, what does it look like or do at first to your skin? Can you wear makeup after you use it? I keep imagining a bloody face lol…



So I JUST started microneedling this week… I used it on my forehead and cheeks primarily. I think underyes are too sensitive for it but maybe that’s just me. My face was a little bit pink but definitely not bloody :slight_smile: and it was fully back to normal by the morning. I’m using it as a botox replacement so obviously don’t have immediate results but I like what it’s doing so far!

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I have a jade roller but haven’t really used it enough or consistently to have any results from it. I have a microneedle too but once it arrived in the mail I was like hmm why did I get this? lol I’m too scared to try it.



LOL. It is a little scary! Especially seeing videos of people who have done it at an aesthetician’s office and there is totally blood!



I have not tried any of these. I am looking into them though!



I have tried #2, #3, and #5. I haven’t tried the others but i hate my dark circles. I have insomnia and don’t sleep much so my circles never seem to go away :frowning: