I found my love!


So I tried this shampoo and I am in LOVE with it! I have finally found my hairmate.

Thankfully this shampoo doesn’t dry my hair or scalp, it deeply cleanses and even moisturizes my hair.

I have never been pleased with any shampoo because if they fix one thing, they damage another. This one was full on point from every way and my hair and I loved it! I have tried a shampoo which completely damaged my hair and even made them thin over time.

I couldn’t find this on Amazon so I don’t have the link. I’ll post the pic below.



@naffy786 I found a link where it can be purchased from the maker. Based on the reviews, you’re not the only one who has found their “hairmate.” :blush:


This sounds awesome! I’ve never been too interested in hair stuff, but I’ll have to give this a try. I’m fine with the shampoo I have now, but it would be nice to find one I actually really love! Thank you for sharing! :grinning:


do it contains parabens, sulfates, or phthalates? I have curly dry brittle hair and growing so slow.


Thank you so much for posting this!
haha yeah, I am glad I found it.


You’re welcome hun. I actually am very hesitant to try hair products, even if I received hair samples for free because there aren’t too many that fit well with how my hair is.

@3ellaMary no, it is completely natural. It doesn’t have any parabens, sulfates, phthalates, etc. You should use coconut oil, but for some people, they lose their hair using coconut oil. It does make your hair grow very fast, but you lose hair. (thankfully I’ve never had a thinning problem with coconut oil, just losing too many hair).


I purchased an Argan Oil Shampoo from Amazon about a month ago and everytime I use it my hair seems to get healthier. And I love the fact that it has no sulfate, phthalates or parabens too.

Oline Naturals Argan Oil Shampoo Sulfate free, (16 oz/473 ml) Dry Shampoo Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo for Men and Women & Color Treated Hair & Hair Strengthener


( I’m not sure why the link is not cooperating I’ve tried to put in a link five different ways in the picture will not pop up :woman_shrugging:t2: )


The link has to have a carriage return, i.e. hit the Return key so it’s on its own line. I fixed it for you :slight_smile:


Thanks I’ll look into this


Nice, thanks for posting. I’ll check this out one day too, after I run out of my current ones.


I was surprised to find out how much i loved Dove shampoo and conditioner. I love the delicare smell and it leaves my hair fresh and clean , not weighted down, and no frizzies.


Dove is another good one, but I haven’t been able to remove some flakes with it. I never used to have flakes but because of this one stupid shampoo that I used, that started giving me flakes for the very first time.


I have purchased two different shampoos with Argan oil and had the same results. My daughter tried a different brand, completely and it had argan oil, too and her results were the same. Thicker, stronger, hair.


I recently tried two types of Gliss with good results.


I think that whole blends is probably in the top 3 shampoos i have ever tried, but right now I remember it as being best. The matching conditioner as well, and you can buy it at dollar Grneral.


I had a similar issue happen to me about three years ago… I never experienced flakes in my whole life and after trying a shampoo for a while I noticed I started to get them. It’s been a headache trying to get rid of them but have noticed with this Argan Oil Shampoo it seems the more I use it the less flakes I get and it’s definitely gotten a lot better than it used to be.


Ok cool, thank you. I will check that one out too. Yeah, it’s a hassle trying to remove them.


One girl from https://meetville.com/ advised me to use sulfate free schampoos coz they don’t wash out important component and give natural gloss to one’s hair.



yeah sulfate free shampoos are the best, sulfate is actually used in cleaning agents like laundry detergent and others.