🗞 Infant Skin: Caring for Compromised Conditions



I recently saw an article about baby wipes that claimed they cause food allergies. I found this article helpful in understanding the actual study:
There are some pretty questionable ingredients in baby wipes (SLS, fragrance, and others). Very interesting topic :+1:


I find that most infant products now are being sold in organic, paraben free, or sensitive skin versions and more so that helps prevent rashes and other skin conditions babies often develop.


I wish I would have had this information when my babes were young. I do know one thing…mud, dirt and play is the best skin and health preservative available. From an empty nester with love.:icecream:


Hi guys long time no see or hear or read LOL i John, Feona, Freedom thats quite a hot topic I bet, because burn patients, and Like the article, some adults need that desperately, like burn patients and skin grafting, and other malady’s… I read that if you um… well… take the placenta, um scientists and people have varying views and stem cell research and other ideas, because its a topic,what else does it say? I guess I could read it myself … LOL


I think caring for/developing products to care for infant skin with compromised conditions is a very narrow road, but one that needs to be traveled. On one hand a solution/product is needed to combat an issue that requires serious intervention. But on the other hand, and more importantly, the solution/product has to be developed with the fragility of the infant skin in mind.
While a product may already exist to combat the same issue in an adult, that product would probably make the condition worse for the infant or create a different issue in the form of a side effect.
When my son was about a month old I was prescribed an eczema cream for him. The insert listed more side effects than remedy. I never used it and opted for Aveeno soap instead. Amazingly it worked well.