Ingredients you Will_Not_Use


Aluminum, Sulfates, Petrolatum, Parabens, Alcohol, Silicones, Animal-Based products…the list is seemingly endless.
Maybe your’e allergic, maybe it’s for ethical reasons, environmental reasons, or something else.Do you have any ingredients which are non-starters for you?Why?Is this based on fact or how you feel?Have you read anything which has influenced this decision, and if you have, please share it.


Oranges. I’m highly allergic to them. They smell amazing, but I can’t touch them. I’ve also had “horse oil” products sent to me and that is just a huuuuuge no for me. Animal by products
is something I feel very strongly about.


I prefer to use products free of parabens and sulfates.
No allergies or anything, but they just aren’tgood for you.

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I also try to stay away from Sulfates and Parabens.


I wont use animal based products or sulfates or parabens i also dont use products with lots of perfume i tend to break out in hives if i do


I am grossed out by animal products and animal testing, cruelty is not beautiful I also avoid as many odd chemicals as possible, especially if the jury is still out on something.


i won’t use sulfa i am allergic to it.


Do you have any ingredients which are non-starters for you? Why?
The only real thing that I have an issue is over items that are tested on animals.
I think MANY of us use products that we don’t realize have animal by-products in it, even me, so I can’t say that I don’t.
But I try my darnedest to use cruelty free items in my household including dish soaps, laundry detergents, etc.

Is this based on fact or how you feel?
For me, some is based on fact after watching documentaries on how such products are made and also due to how I feel about the product line.


I just started trying to stay away from these too. I feel like a lot of companies have been paraben and sulfate free or maybe I’m just drawn to them due to using them for so long.


I also like PETA certified and cruelty-free products. I watch YouTube a lot and I find it interesting when some of them share that some brands claim to be cruelty free but actually aren’t. I’m not sure if you know but if a company sells a beauty product in China the government there makes them test on animals. L’occtaine is actually the major one that I just found out about. It’s sad because I really liked going there for free samples.

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I’ve been trying to find a non-aluminum product for skin care. I’ve also tried some paraben and sulfate free hair care products too. I also try to buy cruelty-free products when I can as well.


I’m definitely more attracted to products that say “paraben & sulfate free” but honestly I don’t always remember to look at the ingredients. I figure I’m probably better off using products that don’t use those ingredients, but I’ve never really thought to pay attention to how they perform for me when they include them vs. exclude them. I need to go through what I own and see what I know works best!

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I avoid lip products with titanium dioxide and try to avoid facial moisturizers with spf because I have a sensitivity to SPF products on my face and the reaction gets worse every time I use these products. The last time my face and lips were super swollen and I had blisters.
I also try to avoid parabens and sulfates (specifically in my hair products). I also prefer not to use mineral oil products in my hair. I don’t like to use them on my body unless they are far down the ingredients list (such as in a body lotion), but I would never use baby oil. I used to when I was younger, but it didn’t really do anything for my skin.


I try to steer clear of sulfates, parabens, most alcohols, urea and generally ingredients that I have to break down in syllables to pronounce.


I am always looking for good non aloe, avocado or fruit extract products. My daughter has latex allergy and oral allergy syndrome so gets itchy from a lot of fruits in products. And aloe makes her itchy too.
For me I am newer to learning about the no sulfates and no parabens stuff. I guess I’m pretty neutral on it but I will admit I haven’t read much to know much either way.
With that being said I mainly buy products based on how they smell since many smells bother me. And I do use products with aloe, avacado, etc but just buy separate ones for my daughter to use. I do have a sulfate, paraben free shampoo I add into my rotation and i do like it but it’s annoying that it doesn’t lather and I know not lathering is good but it’s harder to work it into my hair since it’s pretty thick. So if im in a hurry I will pick one that lathers.
Lately I’ve been learning more of facial products and trying to use ones with "clean’ ingredients.
As far as animal cruelty I’m sure if I read up more on it and watched videos I’d be horrified but I don’t and so don’t really pay attention if what i use is cruelty free or not. My friend is big on using cruelty free stuff. And she had mentioned my lysol wipes are not cruelty free and I should consider using something else. Ugh. I didn’t ask for any details but I just kept thinking if I one single person quit buying them will it change anything? No, probably not.
In the end I believe some of those ingredients you listed aren’t good for us but at the same time my non organic gmo food and water filled with fluoride and all the preservatives and crap in my food probably isn’t good for me either.
In a perfect world I would try to eat all organic good clean products.


I know that paraben and sulfate-free are much better for me so I consider that when making my decision on products.More importantly for me is where the product is made.
After reading about the
child’s makeup that had asbestos in it (made in China), I am much more particular about where my skincare and makeup products are made.
[My dad died from mesothelioma (cancer caused from asbestos exposure) and I would never want to go through what he did.]


I have only recently learned of the good and the bad as far as product ingredients and I have found myself moving toward more plant based or all natural products. Some I have been using a long time and find it difficult to use knowing they contain sulfates or things that I know can be damaging.


I try to stay away from sulfates and parabens and aluminum as much as possible.

I too don’t like using products that aren’t cruelty free.


Re: animal cruelty and so many other things… feedback and numbers count. Our feedback is a positive thing with this company. If companies get enough negative feedback regarding animal cruelty (uppercut to their economy if enough people stop buying their products) they will eventually either do better and kinder work or they will go out of business.
Quiet score for the good guys!


Through my many years of ingredients I believe I have probably had it all on my skin.But the things that really alarm me is bee venom (highly allergic) and I have to admit snail snot (for lack of a better word) and donkey milk I just can’t even think of going there.