Ingrown Hair


How to get rid of this ingrown hair? many spots on hands and legs (like strawberry spots) and unable to wear shorts/go-sleeveless.


The best methods I have found to help rid ingrown hairs is, take shower, scrub the area with something somewhat abrasive. then take sterilized needle nose tweezers or needle to dig out the hair. Then apply a warm compress, I use tea tree water, to it for a few minutes, before covering with a small band aid. Sounds like you may have issues with the direction you are shaving, but Exfoliation is key though. You must exfoliate often or you will have too many layers growing over new skin and this will happen.


Yep. @Danielle_Phillips-Ne’s recommendation is the only way I know.


If you are covered with these red bumps, you should go and see your doctor. I have the same thing and it’s called keratosos pilaris. There is a lotion that will help with this problem. I’d dare say that using what Danielle said along with this would work very well! I have way too many bumps to try and tweeze though. I hope this helps in some way :slight_smile:



This is what I was thinking when I read the description, too.

You might try this lotion, which contains exfoliating acids:


Some eople lile myself are quite prone to ingrown hairs. Whether I shave or not, exfoliate or not it doeant matter. But I agree with the above resolutions.


I found that regular exfoliation helped me a lot with this problem. Some people get it more often and must see a dermatologist for a solution.