Insect bites & repellents


What do you use for insect bites? How do you prevent them? I find a new one every other day and I can’t help but itch a little here and there when I know I should ignore them.


I don’t use bug spray too often unless I know it’s going to be a long day outside. I just can’t stand the greasy feeling of sprays, but I also feel like those clip on ones might not work (could be worth a shot though!) But for treating, I use Caladryl. The texture of it is a little weird, but it works very well and quickly! It also rubs in and sinks into your skin pretty well, so the weirdness of the texture doesn’t last too long. And a little goes a LONG way with this stuff! I also can’t help but scratch at bug bites, so this is a necessity for me.



I have horses and when you have horses you have fly’s so I do use a fly repellent spray for them and I find it blows back on myself and somehow it seems to work.
I also use Deep Woods OFF.


We use the citronella bracelets and to treat a bite we use benadryl cream or rubbing alcohol


if I end up with a bite I usually use a brand like cortisone to help with the itchiness.


I usually don’t use anything for bugbites because I very rarely get them. My boyfriend is somewhat sensitive to any bites though, so I keep a Benadryl cream and some Calamine lotion around just in case.



I use anti itch creams and cover the bites with band aids and try to wear clothing that covers them up.



i have always used oatmeal bath, calamine lotion and cortizone cream


You can try to prevent them by wearing clothes that cover you completely, limit your time outside, and use bug spray, a bug repellent band or use a clip to deter bugs.



well the way to avoid getting bit, is not to wear any fragrances period. they are drawn to certain scents. but i haven’t been successful myself at giving up my perfume, or lotions. and insect repellent hasn’t worked for me either and i have tried a lot of them.
if the bites are coming from around your home, you can get tiki torches really cheap to repell them from around your home, or get a spray to kill them from your yard. i am usually stuck treating them afterwards due to nothing working at repelling.


I used to use Burt’s Bee Natural Insect Repellent. But now I’m not outside as much. But my mother, who gardens, attaches a fabric softener sheet to her clothing to repel bugs.



I put citronella in e v e r y t h i n g god it’s driving my partner bananas


I have nightmares about Calamine Lotion due to a horrible case of the chicken pox when I was four years old and my parents slathered me in it constantly.
Yes, I have a bottle of it for horrid bug bites, but mostly using a cortisone cream does the trick with the itching.
I’ve also tried Vick’s and Mentholatum and both work well too.
Even the hot spoon applied to the bite works wonders.


I am one of the rare people that can feel when a bug lands on me…I swat at them and they tend to stay away.
I have heard that mosquitos will associate your body’s pheramones with the swatting action and start to avoid you alltogether.
My sister in law swears by putting dryer
sheets in your pockets. I make my own natural bug repellent with essential oils for my kiddos…seems to work somewhat, still not as effective as the nasty chemical types.


Keepin’ it fresh, I love it.
Going to try for sure!


Another vote for this method, cool.


I haven’t tried this myself, but someone just yesterday was telling me these work.



I’ve heard applying witch hazel to bites help stop the sting.


could always go this route i suppose



I’ve been thinking of hiring out for parties. If I’m there, no one else will get bitten! Calomine lotion does help, Top Care has a colorless one.