🎓 Integumentary System Overview: Hair, Skin, Nails


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Also very interesting. Reading this information and watching the video has me wondering what can cause your skin to “appear” thinner than at other times? I’ve noticed that sometimes the veins in my inner wrists/arms are sooo vividly visible I look like a map, and other times they are barely visible.


Any ideas about rapidly aging skin? Tried a lot of things, haven’t found anything I love. It would be great to find something natural, maybe something I can make at
home to tighten up the skin on my arms. This seems to be the worst area for me, too many years in the Jersey Shore sun. I’m definitely paying for it now


That was a lot of great and interesting info thanks for sharing.


thank you for sharing. that was very interesting


Our bodies are amazing. It is interesting how we are constantly making new cells and in return can regrow things (like our hair and nails over time).


Skin really is such an odd thing. I always thing it’s funny how something so complex with so many different parts and layers can still have a lot of issues (it’s probably not even that weird, but sometimes I feel like it is haha.) I feel like my skin doesn’t really look how it should for my age. One undereye looks great, the other I swear looks years older. Maybe once new skin starts to form and it goes through its whole cycle it’ll sort itself out. I haven’t had a chance to watch the second video just yet, but I plan to! Thank you for sharing this! It’s always helpful learning something new about our bodies!


This is great information. I remember learning about this in my cosmetology classes in high school as well as in my anatomy class in college. So many things can affect your skin and its crazy how absorbent our skin really is.


I also learned this in Cosmetology school.
I was watching it and thinking “yeah I remember this!”. Unlocked some information I had filed away!


So much incredible information.
My poor skin was so abused in my younger years.
If I could only turn back time and be kinder to my body and skin.