Internal vs. External Body Care Products


Hi gang!I know there are some beauty ingredients that are most effective when used in specific ways and ineffective or potentially harmful if not taken that way.For example: charcoal might help extract gunk from your face in a mask but when taken orally, they could potentially absorb medications and don’t actually detox OR drinking water helping hydration in your skin, but running hot water over your face might dry your skin out.I’d love to find some resources on which ingredients go best where.I splurged on a jamba juice today and I got a collagen boost for a laugh.It tasted fine but I wonder if it actually did anything or if I needed to use it on my skin.

#2’s a little jumping off piece I’m using to look more into various skincare products.


Sorry I can’t help with this topic.
I use specific products for specific things I never cross them over.


Re: Collagen… there’s probably something to it if used consistently… out EWG Skin Deep database for ingredient research:


I agree about the ewg their site is very helpful. Besides that, I only use products as directed.


I got a bottle of photcremicides (sp)?
I haven’t taken them long enough to notice a difference.
I am horrible about taking medications and vitamins.


Good question… Never thought of it that way. I kind of feel like that Retin-A.
I would not use the product by itself but
look for products that contain a percentage of it.


I’ve always wondered if those shots of ginger, collagen, etc. actually work. To me it seems like something big name Instagrammers like to show off just for kicks hahah. But maybe they actually do work! I feel like the immune system boosting one is the most likely one to work since that’s all internal. But who knows about skin boosting ones!


If always wondered if the collage. You ingest did anything. I wanna try it!


I don’t really know a lot on this topic, sorry. I always use products as directed. I did recently buy some gummy vitamins that are supposed to be good for your hair, skin, and nails. I have only been taking them for a few days so I don’t know how great they work, but I’ll let you know if I’ve found something awesome if I notice a difference.


I don’t know much about this topic either. I did find the link you provided helpful though. I’ve used beeswax in the past especially when it comes to lip products and hand creams. Aquafor and Burt’s Bees are companies I used to live by and have some products hidden throughout my bathroom.


Ditto to most of the replies: I generally use products for their intended purpose, except the time I put onions in my son’s socks to get rid of his fever. :blush:


I’ve just been sent some products fro a company called Neocell to try.

One of the items is a collagen and hyaluronic acid supplement.

I have just started using it and will keep you posted on if I see a difference.


i usually just use the products i buy the way it states to use them. i wish i had more insight to give on this subject but i don’t


Actual nutrients are meant to be ingested, but , as with many homeopathic items, unless you are very sure, it’s better to use them externally rather than run them through your system. You will absorb some through your skin, but you can wash them off if there’s a problem!




great site!


That was really interesting. I guess you shouldn’t make a medical practice of putting onions in your socks. But I’m thankful it was successful at least once. :blush:


I found that apple cider vinegar works on the outside and the inside, so does coconut oil, and olive oil. I think what I usually follow is that if something is edible and food grade (and not comedogenic) then I can experiment with using on my skin/face/body. Just remember, there are people out there getting
automotive silicone injected into their lips/faces/bodies/butts on a regular basis. Some things just shouldn’t be used on/in your body. :slight_smile:


Yes, I believe there are certain ingredients beneficial inside and out. A few I’ve used are: Cucumbers and Tea Bags for the eye area. Vitamin C &amp: A. Vitamin B For hair products. Hyluronic Acid. Probiotics. Coconut Oil. Coffee. Sugar/Salt. Tumeric. Lemon. Egg. Olive Oil. Baking Soda. Just a few I can think of. Afterall, skin is the largest organ. And 80% of what we put on it gets absorbed into our bloodstream. So essentially all products we use externally get internal as well. Just one reason it’s crucial to avoid toxins in skincare…