Interview with Dr. Armpit


“An unbalanced armpit microbiome leads to bad odor, deodorant truly won’t solve the odor problem.”

Some questions answered in the article:

Are there differences in the bacteria that live on your armpit vs. your face vs. any other part of your body? What creates that difference?

What do the bacteria in our armpits do? Do they make us smell? Do they reduce itch? Why should we care about cultivating it?

What can we do to make our armpits and the rest of our microbiome healthier?

The title of the article is “The case for hairy, healthy armpits,” but it doesn’t talk about hair and shaving at all.

I don’t care how enlightened I become on the subject, I will always shave my pits. How about you? What are your thoughts on this article and on shaving?


that was interesting, to say the least. I think everyone should do what they chose when it comes to body care but I agree sometimes it looks nicer to have shaved underarms.


Interesting indeed. I went to high school with a girl that embraced her “natural self.” She didn’t shave and she wore a big afro. I never smelled her, so maybe she wore deodorant. I was however extremely grossed out by seeing the hair under her and other girls’ arms.:nauseated_face:
I totally get that people want to live naturally, but some have a natural body odor that is just unpleasant. Multiply an already unpleasant body odor with eating foods like garlic and onions regularly, that makes for an unwelcome neighbor. I think maintaining pleasant air quality is the considerate thing to do.


I’m pro shaving, and trimming goes for men as well. I can’t stand to see dudes with 3 inches of underarm hair poking out of their tank top. Why are men getting a pass on this one?


I don’t think men should get a pass either. But it is more socially acceptable for men to have a jungle under their arms than women.


Agreed! Even if men think it is too “girly” to shave their pits, at least trim them up to look nice! But as long as they don’t smell, I guess to each their own. I hate the double standards that women need to shave everything and men don’t. I actually overheard a conversation where 3 women were calling their friend gross for deciding to not shave her legs anymore. Men usually don’t shave their legs and are not considered gross. I tried to come to her defend but got called gross myself.


I definitely think that if you have the choice to groom or not to groom, you should always groom if you have the proper tools available. Now, “letting yourself go” a bit on a camping trip is an appropriate scenario to do so vs. wearing a sleeveless shirt into a business meeting and expecting my co-workers to just “deal with it.” :rofl: My husband keeps himself nice and trim in the way of body hair and it doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. I’m the one who tends to slack a little in the legs department because of my fine blonde hair!


Just don’t let this happen to you if you choose to keep the hair! Gotta find the right products.


Yes, I learned the hard way about sweating out garlic when I had a couple days of garlic-tastic meals in a row. Now I space out the garlic eating so it hasn’t happened again.