🗞 Is an Acne Vaccine in Our Future?



I sure hope so seems like in my later years in life Womack to my early thirties I started getting acne never hacking my entire life I’ve no idea where to go what to do with the try I tried several different things and I also have sensitive skin so vaccine would be awesome!


This is interesting. I was actually thinking about immunizations last night and how they work. When it comes to a disease, that strain, for the most part, is the pretty much the same wherever it shows. Acne, on the other hand, originates from so many different causes and manifests in equally different forms, like comedones, blackheads, whitehead’s, cystic acne, etc. So I’m wondering how easy it will be for an acne immunization to be successful.


This doesn’t surprise me at all!


This totally makes sense! That would be great for acne sufferers! I just wonder though, if they do come out, will it be affordable??


that’s interesting but I would still wonder how many people it would work for.


I think its great that acne is being taken seriously as a medical problem and that solutions are being worked on, but I don’t know if a vaccine is the way to go. I’m not really big on just “getting a shot” for things, so I’m a little biased, but as @Freedom pointed out, acne can come from so many things so it may not work for each person’s acne.