Jade Rollers


http://amp.instyle.com/beauty/...Has anyone tried a Jade Roller? I have one that I recently ordered from Amazon with a deep discount…used it a few times…still learning more about them.


I’ve never heard of facial rollers before but it sounds interesting. I’ve heard facial massages are popular right not so it sounds cool. I’m interested to see if anyone tried this too!


I’ve seen so much about them but I haven’t tried one. They seem very interesting though and a lot of people seem to love them, but something about it seems gimmicky to me. I may just not know enough about them though! Please let us know how you feel about it when you’ve used yours for a while!!


I have seen those too, but am a bit skeptical of them working.

I hope we hear from someone
on this forum who has used a jade roller faithfully for some time.

My problem with something like that is I use it for a short time and grow impatient if I don’t see results right away and pretty soon it sits in the drawer unused…


I don’t think the jade is going to help your skin as much as massaging your face with something cool.
I just use a teaspoon I keep in the fridge.


Hmm… I’ve never heard of a Jade roller before. What is it supposed to do? I’m interested in learning more about this so please let us know if it really works and what kind of results you get. I’m learning so much about beauty and skincare from this group… I love it.


I’ve heard pros and cons on the jade rollers. I think you need to be diligent. I myself lose interest quickly in stuff like that. I tried a microneedle derma roller once and haven’t used it again.


I think any cool smooth material would work as well as jade.
But they are very pretty.
If I got one at a deep discount I would give it a try, too!


I’ve seen them all over the place, but never actually used one myself. I do love other healing crystals and wear them regularly. I like jade, amethyst, citrine, and quartz just for wearing and placing around the house.


I’ve been interesting in trying one as well.
I’m assuming it’s the rolling and coolness of the jade that helps skin but I could be wrong.
I have a face massager that I got (I think it’s e.l.f) and love using it when I get headaches and/or migraines to help relieve a little tension.


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