Jade Rollers


I have never used one, but I am very skeptical that it would help.
Please keep us posted…


I’ve seen them all over the place, but never actually used one myself. I do love other healing crystals and wear them regularly. I like jade, amethyst, citrine, and quartz just for wearing and placing around the house.


If you love crystals, go to Sedona, AZ… crystal capital of the world.
Awesome place.


Do you have to clean them and if so, is that difficult?


Like any skincare tool, sanitation is the best practice. I do not own one, but it could easily be wiped down with an alcohol soaked cotton round after use :wink:


Sedona is breathtaking!


When I got my wisdom teeth out this last spring I heard online that to help prevent infections it helps to massage your jaw. About a week after the surgery I started doing it and it helped me manage my pain and swelling. So, I’m not surprised that it can help with circulation overall. Plus I’m sure it probably feels nice.


Been using my Jade roller.

Now I’m not saying it’s any better than a cold spoon, but it feels really nice on my skin and my skin feels smoother to the touch after using.

Plus it’s a pretty little tool to massage with.


I recently purchased one from Amazon, but yet to try it. I’m intrigued with the description of what it is supposed to do. I swear, I have a problem with impulse buying. I read about a product and think wow, that sounds awesome, I have to try it, then I have so many products, accessories and more that are sitting in their boxes, yet to be tried or used.



I suffer from this same affliction!
Impulse buying…it’s really bad for me since being involved with the Amazon deal sites…it’s impulse buying on speed!

Oooo that looks cool…oOooo
it’s only $1 woo hoo!


Yes! I wonder if we are in the same groups! :blush: I have stuff that I never thought of, but hey a code and all of a sudden, I want that now!


I mostly just look at EDC, Jumpsend, and Reveiewer Club.

All the others either faded away or are just not easy or worth it to navigate.

I get ones sent to my email too…most of that is junk…however I have scored a few good offers via email invites.

I don’t do fb so no fb groups.


Ive considered buying one, but dont think I would ever use it, so I havent. I probably wont.


I love my jade roller it allegedly boost blood circulation, reduce under-eye swelling, and help products absorb better into your skin.https://www.herbivorebotanicals.com/products/jade-facial-roller. Made with 100 percent jade, this roller is both easy to use and feels supersmooth on skin.


While I have not done a whole lot of research, I too received one at a discount so why not. I have to say, I have been fight my sinuses for months, this baby has been so helpful and getting some of the congestion moving, which makes me think there’s a strong possibility it might actually have some truth to the claims.


Have you tried a neti pot for your sinuses? This works wonders for me.

I have difficulty understanding how a cold stone on your face would help ease congestion, and suspect it may be coincidence?


The idea of the neti pot terrifies me, I cannot stand water getting in my nose and wonder if I would struggle with one due to this. The correlation I made between congestion and the use of the jade roller was more using it to massage the sinus region. I could feel the pressure relief as if I used my fingers to massage the area. Did it help? Felt like it, coincidence potentially.


Totally understandable. I watched and laughed at my dad doing this for years until I was brave enough to give it a try. The salt you add to the mixture prevents it from burning. It’s a little strange at first, but an amazing tool.

When you explain it that way, it makes sense.

When you are ready, I recommend this one:



I have a rose quartz roller and I love it! Even if it didn’t do anything other than feel good massaging my face, I would still use it. I keep it chilled in the fridge and roll it on my face in the morning which is super refreshing. I also use it when wearing sheet masks.


Have heard about them but haven’t tried one yet. Definitely considering buying one though. Would be interested to hear others feedback first. I do see a lot of good reviews on Amazon.