Just one reason I don't collect sheet masks


After reading an article from https://www.reddit.com/r/SkincareAddiction/ about steroids found in sheet masks, I thought I’d share the above. Sheet masks are fun and can serve multiple purposes but too much of a good thing also applies to your skin.


Wow, thats crazy to hear. I have to read further to get more info.


I have PR box from SNP. Now I am wary of using everything they sent me! I still need to post the reviews, but I will be checking extra hard for hairs and debris. I have never noticed any before, but eww, gross!


That is really different! I will be looking further into this.


Omg the pictures in there :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


Wow. I’ve never had a desire to use a sheet mask. But what I’m wondering is, are the sheet masks referred to in the article specifically shipped to the US and other countries while reserving the ones produced in factories to be sold and used locally?


Wow , I would never have imagined ! I have a huge collection of all kinds of face masks :worried: I will be hitting the internet to be much more informed before slapling one of those
suckers on ! :drooling_face:


I"d seen a similar alarm raised via a TV show. I love sheet masks but so far I haven’t found anything in them. Let’s hope i never do.


I tried a few but many are from Korea. I have purchased other sheet masks stated to be products of China. But It didn’t say it was produced there so it does make you wonder. Many of the Korean brands that I have tried such as SNP have all English packaging but it has the stamp Made in Korea.


Excellent question! Another thing to add to my research list :+1:


Hello Vanessa6297 I’m thinking your on 08liters site for the SNP masks as I to use those face and hair masks from ordering from that site. However I missed the most important thing what’s actually in these face masks that everyone’s getting all upset about? Thank you!


The article is from 2016. I would think by there there would have been some more investigation into this topic and they would have improved their process. I never experienced any of these issues.


Yes, it is dated but I believe it’s still relevant. The fact that most sheet masks are from South Korea, Japan, or China means that it is much harder for foreign customers to access safety regulation information. Is it possible? Of course. Not to mention that at-home sheet mask folding was popular in 2008, 8 years prior to the article. For 8 years, maybe no one noticed anything or they just kept quiet? These large companies are just as competetitive as car manufacturers, they’re in it for money and I’m sure there’s more than one who cuts corners.

I’m glad that no forum members have ever noticed any visible contaminants! The fact is this: foreign products have different government regulations they must adhere to. Many cosmetic (and food) ingredients that are “safe” in the US are banned in other countries and vice versa. With so many products and companies, it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on. It’s easy to just accept something at face value :wink: but questioning the who, what, when, where, how, and why never hurts. Check a company’s values to see if they deserve your support! Look at what happened with Yves Rocher workers:


This might sound bad but I think China (no offense to China) has the worst quality control when it comes to beauty products. I’ve had bad experiences with their products (though not sheet masks). The kbeauty brands I use are all premium brands so I don’t really lump them in the same category when it comes to Asian skin care. Japan is a close second and I basically just avoid all skincare products made in China whenever I can. There ARE a very small select few I might make an exception for. It’s much more difficult to avoid with make up because some of my favorite brands have factories there and I’d hope the brands themselves are overseeing the standards.


Oh wow, first time I’ve heard about this! I’ve never really been big on using sheet masks but I just bought some recently from Facetory because they were having a promo. Now, I don’t know if I want to use them. Lol


I’m still kind of scared they may break my face out.