Korean Skin Care


Yeah I really enjoyed getting products from 0.8liter!

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I love Korean products as well and have tried many different products and brands from 0.8liter myself. One of my favorites that I can’t stop buying is from Lapothicell which is a Ceramide Hydra Fluid. It’s milky in texture and I love the way it moisturizes. There is a Tone Up &amp: Clear Serum as well that I love. Another brand I love is Sekkisei for toning and moisturizing


I love Korean skincare. I’ve really gotten into using an Essence, a step between toning and serum that helps add more moisture back into your skin. Some of my favorite brands are Ladykin, Innis Free, and Tony Moly. I got a lot of my stuff through 0.8liter as well, but I’ve bought a good deal from Ulta, since they have a good range of stuff.


used a few Korean skincare products back in the day that I can’t remember the name of specifically. (Sorry) I do know the masks and serums are often really good. Lots of products with hyaluronic acid (before it became popular in the US) are a part of korean skincare. Before I started using coconut oil to remove my makeup, I used to use DHC deep cleansing oil as well as their olive oil lip balm. (I’m not sure if they’re a Korean or Japanese company.) I’ve heard TonyMoly is really good as well as Laneige, but have not used these myself.


I’ve just recently been hearing about Korean skincare. But formerly had not even heard about it. Can someone please explain the concept behind it. As well as overall results obtained after making the switch. I would LOVE to learn more and potentially give it a try.


Finally bit the bullet and just got something from 0.8Liter, now I need time to try it , as opposed to my regular routine, so I know if it was really different or better.


This is what I’ve been trying the past 1-2 months. Slowly buying products and giving them a try and I am super impressed so far. I think double cleansing and hydrating is the most important thing I’ve learned about korean skin care so far. I am really liking the MIssha Time Revolution Intensive Moist and the
Pyunkang Yul essence I’ve only been using a couple days and really liking it.
They both leave a glow on my face afterwards. I do think i jumped in too fast and so i can’t say what is or isn’t working since I’m using quite a few products.
My whole life I thought i had super oily skin and then I tried a few of these products and my t zone is barely oil! Although I will admit non korean skin care products probably could be just as good. I think the main thing was I was always using a soap to make my face feel nice and dry and always avoided any type of moisturizing products in fear it would make my skin more oily but it’s done the opposite.

I see a lot asking why korean skin care. And what got me into it was a friend, she had me join a couple groups on facebook. And the prices, especially if you buy directly from stores that ship from Korea!! Ebay is always helpful though lol for US sellers and faster shipping!
Most things are so much cheaper than US products and from my understanding most of the korean stuff leaves out the “bad” things. Each brand is different so I’m not saying this goes for all of them.
So many things I have on my wish list to try still. Laneige lip and over night face masks I think I will get next.


Wal-Mart has started carrying a Korean skin care brand called SooEA. I love it and the products are soo affordable.


I personally love sheet masks (I know not all are Korean but I believe that’s where they started).


I love getting stuff from 0.8Liter.
I’m always tempted when the “Try for 3.99” items pop up but try to only get things I really want/need.
I’ve enjoyed most items so far.


Wanted to learn more about Korean skincare and learned loads and found these 2 great charts on routine and ingredients. Thought I would share. Currently on the look out of a complete trial kit to buy…



Thank you for sharing this, it’s so informative! There’s a lot of ingredients here I never would have thought to look for like pig collagen lol


There are so many brands and products that it is hard to choose from. Just be sure to read ingredients labels. It seems like they are more likely to use animal products. I have read a lot of bad things about donkey milk, for example, and will never use anything containing it.


Seems like I learn something new every day. If you know more about this ingredient, please post about it in strangest ingredient


I am a huge fan of Korean skincare, worked with many different brands. The majority of my skincare regimen
is Asian skincare products, I love the ingredients and results. The main difference I notice is the products are not as heavy.


Do you do a 10 step routine? Which line?


I have tried some products and truthfully I haven’t noticed any different in them products compared to others


I use several different brands I love to switch it up. I love Innisfree, CosRx, Mizon, Thank You Farmer, SK II, Dr. Jart, and Missha
Step 1. Wash with water
Step 2. Toner
Step 3. Serum/Ampoule
Step 4. Eye Cream
Step 5. Serum
Step 6: Eye cream
Step 7: Moisturiser
Step 8: Sunscreen

Step 1: Oil-based cleanser
Step 2: Double-cleansing use a water based cleanser to remove the oil residue
Step 3: Exfoliate 2×week
Step 4: Toner
Step 6: Ampoule
Step 7: Serum
Step 8: Sheet mask
Step 9: Eye cream
Step 10: Moisturiser


I have melasma and I found that rice water is great to lighten the skin, since it is a source of kojic acid. I blend the raw rice until dust and keep it in a container to keep it easy to use. You can use just the water or mix the rice powder with milk and use it like a mask for 20 minutes. It’s safe to use it everyday, just don’t scrub it everyday. Once a week is enough to scrub. Must use sunscreen though.


I don’t think I’ve tried a k beauty brand that I didn’t like yet. Laniege is def one of my faves tho.