Lash growth serum? Like Latisse?


Has anyone used any lash growth serums that actually work? I’ve only used Latisse and it does work, but even at cost, it’s quite expensive.



I’ve heard that it has really bad side effects for people with light eyes. I have blue eyes and evidently lots of people with blue and green eyes noticed their eyes turning brown.
I would be careful if you do choose going with it. Personally I’ve used a special primer for my eye lashes before using mascara and that has worked well for me.


I’ve used Revitalash and it really did work but stopped after I quite using it. I did see my eyes get red rimmed but it didn’t bother me once I put makeup on. Yeah, I’ve also heard the eye color changing side effect as well but I already have brown eyes.


Oh yikes thank you for sharing that! I have green eyes and I was gonna say this is also something I wanted to look into trying. I think I’ll pass on that now!


I’ve been using Castor Oil for eyelash and eyebrow growth – works great and it’s all natural and CHEAP! haha


Ive tried several brands and have found that they dont produce any results for me. I have very short and thin lashes and thought I would give it a try but a good lengthening mascara is just best for me. My eyes are very sensitive so the oil tends to make them very runny. Even wearing falsies does this so Ive invested in great mascaras and so far I love my lash results with just that.


I second that castor oil method!

Safe And cheap!


I haven’t but I’ve heard castor oil helps. I tried it for a short time and found it seemed to work.


I’ve never tried it. I try to listen very carefully to the “side effects include”portions of “wonder results” products. As others mentioned, the side effects were scary, no matter your eye color. I wouldn’t mind longer lashes, but I discovered something today. After I put on mascara, my lashes were pressing against my glasses. Maybe they’re longer than I realized?


I was planning to try castor oil on some age spots but it looks like it’ll be multitasking! I have trouble with mascara and have given up on it, but a little non-mascara length would be very welcome


I’ve recently bought 2 different brands to try, but yet to. I don’t know why, but I’m nervous about using them.


I think if you’re apprehensive about using them, you may want to google the ingredients to see if they’re safe.


Thank you! Silly, but I honestly never thought of that. I literally bought 2 different kinds this past month and they’re both still in the package. I get myself all excited and hopeful seeing the ads, then I get them and I start thinking, wow, I’m really going to put this liquidity stuff right near my eyes. I don’t know why I don’t think of that before I order them. I’m definitely researching the ingredients tomorrow. Thank you for posting the suggestion, I really appreciate it!


Of course! You’re welcome!


I have never tried any of the lash growth serums…but I have wanted to try them for a while now. I would love to have long, beautiful lashes but I am sort of scared of the possible side effects I’ve heard of with some of these serums. I have heard lots of people rave about the results they get from lash serums, but many of them say that once you stop using the serum you will loose a lot of your lashes and that they will eventually go back to normal or even worse than what you started with. Also, I saw a review of one serum on Amazon where one lady got a horrible eye infection and she posted the pictures of what the lash serum did to her eyes. It was awful and it kinda scared me out of trying lash growth serums. If you find a good serum that really works, and doesn’t have any nasty side effects, please let me know.


i have naturally long lashes so i haven’t tried any i’m sorry, if i do hear of any i will get back with you though


Mine are way long so never tried anything but i’m in a group and everyone there is always talking about Buffet from The Ordinary helps tremendously.


I also have used castor oil on my eyelashes and eyebrows, but I’ve found (because I use oils to moisturize my face) that sweet almond and argan oils also seem to help with my eyelash growth.


. You don’t happen to know what the brand name was of that serum, do you? That’s where I recently purchased 2 of them and yet to use them.


I am sorry I don’t remember the specific name of the serum, but I do remember that it had thousands of 5 star reviews.
I looked at the lowest rated reviews for it and many of the customers said that the company contacted the people who purchased it and offered them a free bottle in exchange for a perfect 5 star review, which is why it had so many great reviews. Many of the people who gave it 5 stars went back on the listing and said that they wanted to retract their perfect review because the product either didn’t work for them or that they had experienced some bad side effects from it. I would just look up the serum that I had and check the lowest rated reviews for it to make sure that you don’t have the one I was talking about. Hope this helps you.