Light therapy devices


The one I use they no longer sell on Amazon. The next one that compares to the one I have is this one. Very happy with the quality, the case, the price and effectiveness…

SGDOLL High Frequency Facial Machine, Portable Handheld High Frequency Wand Skin Tightening Acne Spot Wrinkles Remover Beauty Therapy Puffy Eyes Body Care Facial Machine


What does the light therapy make. What benefits you notice…


7 lights all do different things. I like to use the white light for inflammation after doing the microneedling. I do the red light like a lot. The green light for pigment. The blue light for acne when I have a breakout. And sometimes I run the setting that flashes all the lights one after the other. I have noticed huge changes in the texture of my skin. My wrinkles less noticable. And the blue light is a godsend when I have a pimple, Goes away immediately. I love the LED light. I even have a hand held red light I bring when I travel. And I bring the Neutragena blue light also when I trave.


The High Frequency device eliminates even the worst painful deep cystic acne pimple overnight. No breaks in the skin, no irritation, painless. If you get a facial they will “zap” any active zits with it. I am very interested in the LED. I use an LED device on my muscular pain, secondary to an injury and it eliminates it. :grinning:


Sounds almost too good to be true, especially for $40. I see ads for light therapy devices they sell in salons all the time, but haven’t looked into their effectiveness. I’ll have to start digging.


I’ve always wanted to try one of those devices but didnt know much about them and I mostly go by reviews from real woman.


Light therapy works for seasonal affective disorder so it makes sense to try other wavelengths :rainbow_flag:


@Tradowsky Puffy eyes or eye bags? Any experience with that? It would make that machine look very good!


I have heard light therapy really work for my friends with BAD acne. My favorite use of light therapy I’ve seen is in this artsy short sci fi film about a robot wife becoming self aware and killing the man who owns her:


Light therapy and HIGH-FREQUENCY are referring to 2 different types of skin care devices. My experience is related to High Frequency, which I own and all esthetic professionals have and use on their clients. It uses Tesla invented technology and is scientifically proven conclusive in all areas. The price is inexpensive because the technology literally involves an electricity generater/modular device and argon filled glass tube heads. At a salon the high frequency and galvanic devices are usually part of the facialists one piece of equipment which ranges in the thousands. It works through ionization, similar to an ozone generator.
Light therapy on the other hand is different. It’s based on light spectrum and wavelength, heat, infrared, etc. Although I have zero education nor experience with it. I do believe in theory it could have vast effectiveness. All color is light… and we all know how light through the sun and moon effect our hormones, skin etc.
Definitely an interesting topic that I am thrilled came up and looking forward to learning more…


Unfortunately (rather fortunately) I do not have baggy eyes, nor have used high frequency on clients with such an issue. But yes, I would say it would have to work. It promotes circulation, oxegenation and lymphatic drainage. Around the eyes you would want to use guaze with high frequency. There are several you tube videos demonstrating how to use one, which I would highly recommend (I included one under topic “Skin Care Tools”).


I’ve always wondered if light therapy really works. I think it may depend on the person. But thank you for sharing.


Wow, I thought light therapy was only for healing depression… but good to know.


Mine is hidden away somewhere. Thank you all for the renewed interest. :wink: