Lotus petal


i have tried lotus petal in face wash, and in lotions. it has been hard to find in face care but the lotion i have always been able to find , when i have used it for skin care it has made my face look and feel absolutely amazing and in the lotion it has a light elegant scent, and has made my body really moisturized. i wish i could find more products with lotus petal in them.



I’ve used a different flower product make from roses called Fresh Face mask. I found this very soothing. It smelled very strong but for a flower product this one is my go-to.



thanks for sharing.


I’m going to have to find some lotus petal products to at least sniff. When I hear lotus all I see in my mind’s eye so far are beautiful flowers in
Asian prints and really good food!


they smell really good :slight_smile:


Oooh this sounds interesting! I’m always up for new products that will make my skin smoother. Are there any products in particular you really love and would recommend?


i haven’t been able to find the lotus petal face wash in years, but the lotion i have used is by bath and body works, they used to have a body wash
and perfume to go with it, im not sure if they still do or not but here is a picture of the lotion now with mango.



Thank you for the information.


I haven’t heard of this, but it sounds interesting. There’s so many plant ingredients being discovered every day for cosmetics.


its a more sensual scent in lotions and perfumes, but it works wonders in skin care facial products, it leaves your skin so smooth and soft. i wish i could find the face wash lotion i used, but it has been years ago and i haven’t seen it since.


I’ve never heard of this.


lotus petal is in a lot of products ranging from body and face washes to perfume.


Have not tried this yet!


it works really good and the scent is light