Low Budget Skincare


What’s the cheapest thing in your skin/hair/body care routine?How do you save money?


Baking soda.

It’s a good cheap exfoliant! 35 cents a box!


I would say baking soda or sugar or even salt if you make homemade scrubs. Depending on where you live you can buy them for under a dollar


Rosehip oil!
I add a drop of two with my serums and for $7 for 4oz it sure does go a long way!
The serums help my skin absorb it better.


Derma e, their whole line-up. It’s not that they’re super cheap, but they are very reasonable and last for a very long time. Also Rimmel, I pick them up at the grocery store. Unfortunately the store doesn’t seem to be carrying my taupe liner anymore, need to go on line and see if they’re still making it.


baking soda makes a great exfoliant and it is very inexpensive!


I use many different products, but the cheapest I think would be Dickensons Witch Hazel Toner. When it comes to skin care I dont try to save money. Skincare and makeup are the 2 things I really splurge on.


Vaseline is a lifesaver! Very inexpensive and super for dry skin and problem areas.
I like to use on rough spots like my feet and elbows.

It can also be used as an inexpensive eye makeup remover or on chapped lips.


I absolutely agree on the baking soda. When I used to bleach my hair, I’d put a bit in my shampoo if I went swimming: and I recently used it in a bath when I ran out of my other favorite cheap product… Epsom salts! As I pointed out to my friend yesterday, make sure to buy then in the first aid aisle. My drugstore has them at a different pricepoint in the beauty section.

They have become my default bath product.


Probably the Neutrogena Fight & Fade toner. It’s aroun $8.50, lasts a pretty long time and works very well! I’ve been using it for years, it’s my favorite toner. It’s definitely helped to fade acne scars, plus it smells like orange sunscreen :slight_smile:


Sugar &amp: salt - so many different options to choose from to create your own exfoliant


egg white mixed with plain oatmeal as a face mask. the egg white dries and sucks dirt out of your pores and oatmeal give you a radiant look and moisturizes just alittle bit , but if you wat more moisture add a little bit of honey … leave on for 20 minutes. it comes up to a total of $5 for all 3 ingredients


I have so many beauty products right now. The majority were pretty expensive. To save money lately I’ve just been trying to use up what I have before buying new ones. I do enjoy a cheap facial cleanser like Neutorgena’s acne wash.


Jojoba oil. It’s effectively versatile. I use it on my face, my hair, makeup removal, deep conditioning, put it in my body lotion, etc.


I am a beauty lover and most of the things I have are higher end or luxury brands.
I have recently started using more drugstore brands because I am reviewing them.
My cheapest product is a bottle of Nivea body moisturizer.


Since my mom was in the beauty care industry when I was growing up, she
always preached that anything that goes on my face should have the finest ingredients and therefore anything that went on my face/body was bought from a department store or a reputable beauty supply store. I always spent lots of money on beauty care until I got married and had kids. I scaled down by trying different products and have found few products like hand cream, body moisturizers and even some makeup from
drug stores very effective.


Green tea and baking soda. I’ve also been experimenting with fresh herbs like rosemary.
Fresh ingredients,
things that you use for cooking and have extra of such as,
tumeric and ginger root.


I also use gelatin as a pore cleansing mask. You can add activated charcoal or milk to it as well.


I use a variety of skincare and beauty products, some are high end and some are drugstore. I usually enjoy Dove and Loreal Paris from the drugstore, and you can usually find sales and digital coupons for these items all the time. Plus, Ulta is pretty good about having lower priced drugstore brands on sale really often. Sometimes they even have buy one get one free, which is a great time to stock up on products you love or want to try out.


Dove puts out some really great , affordable products. Their shampoo is great.