Low Budget Skincare


I as well would have to say my baking soda. Such a cheap item that can do so much!


Currently, my L’Oreal mask is probably the least expensive thing in my skincare. I rotate a lot, though, so that’s likely to change in a month or so when I use something up.


I use baking soda, which is very inexpensive, for multiple things. My cheapest makeup is ELF or Wet and Wild. I can always afford $.99 to $3.00 for eyeliner/mascara/eyebrow pencil.


Coconut, Jojoba and Castor Oil. Baking Soda and Activated Charcoal. I use Coconut Oil as an eye makeup remover, as my toothpaste, oil pull, nail strengthener, lip conditioner, styling aid to tame flyaways and hair mask. Jojoba as an intense facial moisturizer if needed. Castor oil to encourage new hair growth and fade hyperpigmintation. Baking soda and activated charcoal in my dental routine and skincare masks.


I tried organic kosher beef gelatin with milk and I ripped out the fine peach fuzz on my face, that brought tears to my eyes!


yes that’s the only thing with the gelatin :cry:


For years, I’ve used rubbing alcohol applied to cotton rounds which I rub on my underarms as a deodorant.


Rubbing alcohol is a good one!!!


dial anti bacterial soap,
lavender and twilight jasmine


Apple cider vinegar. One teaspoon mixed with a cup of water works great as a conditioner. A teaspoon with a full glass of water and then drink it is supposed to be good as well. Also works well on your face.


Great tip! I hadn’t thought of looking in 2 different places.


I’ve seen several posts of people using baking soda as DIY or budget beauty ingredient, and I’m not sure why.
The skin has a pH of around 5.5, which is somewhat acidic.
Baking soda has a pH of 9.5, which is too basic, and would probably irritate the skin with continued use.
Our mouths are a different story (avg pH 6.7), the goal there is to fight acidity because it’s harmful to our teeth, so using a basic compound like baking soda to keep our teeth in a less acidic environment I think makes sense.

Natural Deodorant

Using baking soda can be harsh if used too often…however it is great IMO for an every now and then treatment for haircare clarifying, and as a strong exfoliant for the face in MODERATION!


I’d say I tend to save the most when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. I get lots of samples in the mail from large companies and combine them a few times a year into my big bottle in my shower. I haven’t need to buy shampoo in years!


Sunscreen! I wanted to get some anti-aging products and noticed that the single active ingredient in them all was sunscreen, so instead of dropping $50 on a tiny jar I went to the suncare section and bought some specifically for face with the same active ingredient.I paid about $4 for a jar larger than the anti-aging stuff with the same ingredient.


Just reread this. Really useful info! Thanks!


I love some of the Suave line. It is so much cheaper than some of the name brand or salon brand hair products and the newer Suave items really are pretty great.


One way I save money is with shea butter. I buy a 1lb. tub on ebay for about 10 bucks. My family will use it for everything. Moisturizer is the biggest use. My daughter has REALLY curly hair and she will sometimes use it as a curl creme. We’ve used it to protect our lips in the winter. I’ve put in on rashes that my kids picked up from the plants outside…next day gone. It’s just a really good skin protectant and moisturizer. It comes in refined and unrefined, both worked great. The 1lb tub lasted my family(6) like 6 months sometimes longer. I think I even used it on my dogs, :grinning:


GREAT idea ! I love saving money! Beauty dose not have to always be so expensive! Thanks!


Shea butter is awesome. Doesn’t tend to be quickly absorbed by skin, but very moisturizing.