Makeup Removing Towels


I’ve almost bought making removing towels several times, but I’m always worried they won’t work the way they’re supposed to and it’ll end up being a waste of money. But at the same time, I fly through regular makeup remover and I feel like if these do work right, it would end up saving me money in the long run. Has anyone here ever used washable, reusable makeup removing towels like these? What do you think of them? These are the ones I always “almost get.”



I use pure olive or jojoba oil and cotton rounds.


I’ve tried witch hazel. I’ve also heard good things about the makeup removing towels or a wash cloth. I find most makeup removing wipes only do so much for me so i have to cleanse my face again.


The Norwex ones are awesome!


Thanks for the suggestion!


I use witch hazel the towels havent worked for me i end up having to rewash my face


I’ve only tried one of those reusable makeup remover towels, and I didn’t really like it. I got it from QVC last year in a beauty discovery kit. I found that, for me, it didn’t do a very good job of removing all of my makeup (especially mascara). I would always have to rewash my face with a good cleanser or cleansing oil to get everything off. I think the brand I tried was Campanelli, but maybe another brand would work better. I did try a sample of Boscia
MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil last week, and it was awesome. With very little product, it removed all of my makeup with minimal effort. I think using something like this would be very gentle on your skin and would probably last for a very long time, especially since it takes so little product to get all your makeup off.



Great to know! Thank you for the suggestion! I struggle enough as it is with removing mascara and my eyelashes fall out very easily, so I definitely don’t need to be scrubbing at my eyes hahah. I’ll look into the Boscia makeup remover!


i use witch hazel as well, the face wipes and towels have left my face feeling filmy


They look like microfiber towels.
Is there anything else to them?
Is the idea a more eco friendly option to the cotton rounds?


I never use any type of wipes, I try and avoid any extra rubbing and tugging on my skin so I use Philosophy “Purity Made Simple”.
It’s worked the best for me for years.


are you talking about wipes,
or those “magic makeup erasers?”
I do like the wipes for times I am feeling slack, but I don’t buy them regularly, more as a splurge if I see them on sale. I generally take off my makeup if I have a full beat–with some oil (I am kind of tired, I forgot the entire product name) from Palmer’s --it is not just cocoa oil, it is a face oil.
Depending on my mood, I might do some miceller water as well.


I think they are microfiber, or at least the majority of ones I’ve seen are! I don’t know too much else about them other than they should mimic traditional makeup remover, but being eco friendly is definitely a bonus! I feel like I’d reduce a lot of waste using them instead.


i feel like it depends on how much makeup your wearing for starters…if your going super heavy glam I would say use a traditional makeup wipe or maybe a cleansing oil and maybe on lighter days then go in with the reusable ones. I’ve had very very good luck with the makeup eraser but you deff wanna read the instructions before using. The one thing to keep in mind though is no matter what your using your always gonna have to go in the bathroom to actually clean your face. makeup removers in any form are simply JUST removing the makeup and thats it…sometimes there still can be makeup left over on the skin which is one of the reason why a lot people break out.


I’m thinking save your money and the environment and use natural cotton balls with warm water and a little oil or alcohol depending on your skin.


My mom got me these for christmas and I don’t think they’re the best at removing makeup especially waterproof products, but I do love having a reusable towel that’s just for my face.
It’s sustainable and better for my skin.


So maybe if anything, it could replace makeup removing wipes rather than specific eye makeup remover? I’d be fine with that, it’s at least one less thing to repurchase! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much for sharing!!


I’ve always use random ones from like Target. Recently had some charcoal ones but i really had to scrub to just get foundation off and then my face would be red after that. Someone recently introduced me to double cleanse and I love it! Oil cleanse and then a regular facial cleanser. I’m using face shop rice water oil cleanser right now and it like just melts the foundation. Not the best on mascara though but better than the wipes.
I ordered some Innisfree green tea oil cleansing samples on ebay over the weekend to try out. And i’m highly considered one of the oil cleansers from Banilla co. I’ve heard these work much better than the face shops oil cleanser.


I haved used them, it does work good for removing makeup that is not waterproof. It worked for certain foundations, but not for any of my waterproof eyeliner or mascara it pulled on my lashes alot. I love my bioderma makeup remover.