Makeup Removing Towels


I’ve used so many different types of makeup removing wipes. Personally I only like to use Maybelline Clean Express makeup remover. The lotion type doesn’t burn when removing even eye makeup.



I JUST bought one, “The Makeup Eraser”, thousands of 5 star reviews. I bought one after receiving a FREE sample, link below. Shipping is also free, no credit card required.I’ve been using it daily and even decided to put it through the test of waterproof mascara. Normally I have to use a specific cleanser to get that junk off my eyes but this cute little pink cloth did it with just water. I’m all about saving but I’m not even going to try and calculate how much money I could have saved if I had one of these all along. So I’m a believer… the Makeup Eraser can save you money. I’m thrilled with the outcome.
After using it, I rinsed it out and squeezed all the water out and hung it on the towel rack. This fuzzy little guy is so soft and light that it dried quickly with no musty smell. If you live in a humid area of the country then you know what I’m talking about.Once that normal washcloth gets wet it’s going to dry with a musty smell as if you left a load of clothes in the washer for days. This did not.So, I was happy to use another corner of the MakeUp eraser the next evening. It worked like a charm! https://



I have not seen or heard of reusable cleaning towelettes, but good to know!
I use Yes To brand makeup remover towelettes. They get the job of wiping away makeup and impurities done.
Using cotton rounds and essential oils also seems like a good way to save on buying these types of wipes. Great suggestions!


I’ve tried the Makeup Eraser
brand makeup towel but wasn’t a big fan.
I like an oil cleanser to remove makeup or at least a good face wash.


Honestly, two things that I use is:Baby wipes, you get a lot in a pack and they work wonders on taking off makeup. (Never knew this until I had my son!)
Car microfiber towels, literally just soak it in water and wipe it across your face and it take literally every speckle of makeup off your face like magic. Let me know if u try these and if u like it!


Haha! I also use baby wipes in a pinch. They work great!


Wow I never thought to use either of those! Especially the car towels. That’s basically the same thing as the ones I found though I’m sure they’re cheaper! Thanks for the suggestions!


Yes to the baby wipes. I’ve been ordering them in bulk since I had my son as well and I use them for so many things. I have found that multi-use products are my favorites. I have also been curious about the microfiber thing because I have a bunch of microfiber towels in my linen closet that I’m not using.
Generally, I use coconut oil to break down the eye makeup (even works on waterproof stuff). I rub gently until I start to look like a racoon and then on top of it, I put my cleanser (currently Shea Moisture African Black Soap Facial Wash and Scrub) and then I add water.
I know some of us were worried about the comedogenic nature of coconut oil, but I have acne prone skin and doing it this way doesn’t break me out. Oil breaks down the makeup on your face and then the cleanser breaks down the oil and makeup and then the water gets rid of both. I use a cotton round with witch hazel on it to tone and remove any traces of oil or makeup that are left without drying my face out.


An interesting use for makeup remover towels…I received a couple last year for Christmas and found them to not work so well at removing all the makeup so I quickly discovered a great use for them. I use them when Im applying my skin care or beauty products to wipe off my hands afterwards or to wipe the excess off my brushes or sponges. Works great for that.


That’s a good idea, I’m glad you were able to find a better use for them! I’ll keep that in mind if I do end up trying them and also don’t like them.


I requested a free sample of this exact one!
Still waiting.

I want to compare it to the Norwex makeup removers.

It sounds very similar!!!


Thank you for the free sample. Samples are the best. I might not use it but I’ll probably pass it on to my mom or sister :slight_smile:


I just received The Original Make Up Eraser to sample yesterday and haven’t tried it yet. I was hoping to see if anyone has tired it yet. I’ve never tried one before. I’ve used things like Makeup Remover Wipes and Almay Eye Makeup Remover pads but never something like this.


I use edgier grape seed oil or olive oil to remove make up. It works better and is inexpensive to use then any store bought product. I love it. I then use rose water which I make at home on my face and my face really gets cleaned moisturized and feels and looks great.


I saw someone who wan’t too fond of it. But i think it may just depend on the person. I have the sample too but keep forgetting to try it. I also found that the sample was a bit rough.


I got some from Amazon to try out awhile back, they’re essentially just cute microfiber towels. I usually can get most of my face makeup and some eyeshadow off by just using water. I’ll add a micellar water or makeup remover to help get the rest of my eye makeup and mascara off. I still follow up with a cleanser but they work pretty well and are still going strong after at least 15 or so washes.


I just ordered the free sample of the magic towel. Usually I use eye make up remover with a cotton ball, but I always have to wash my face with soap afterwards.