Meghan Markle Bride Makeup Transformation


I thought this was pretty amazing. Have you experimented with any “transformational makeup”?


She looks great, but I guess I’m just not that ambitious!


I love this! I love transformation makeup, though I’ve never done it myself. But it’s so insane to me how some people can do it and really be spot on! Kandee Johnson is incredible at this as well!



that was interesting.


I saw this earlier, but I’m not really big on changing my features with makeup. I feel like (for myself) its more of a polish and something to enhance
instead of making myself look totally different. I think this takes a lot of talent and that she is very creative. I might be alone on this, but I find it a little scary that someone could (with the right makeup skills) make themselves look almost exactly like another person.


not yet i haven’t. but i have heard a lot of good things and have been thinking about trying some out.


What she does is art in my book. I imagine like with all art, it takes lots of practice.
I think that it would be fun but I have so many other art interests that keep me busy, I can’t start with something else!
I do like to watch though. I’ve seen some amazing stuff, especially with Drag Queen makeup videos.


Wow… I’ve never seen anything like that before. I have definitely never tried that before, I only try to accentuate what I have and cover up flaws and blemishes. I am no where near that talented. It’s amazing to see what some people are able to do with makeup.


This topic reminds me of a book I used to own…“Making Faces” by Kevyn Aucoin.
He was a true makeup “artist”!



I was not aware of nose and scar wax.
Some people are very talented when doing makeup…quite amazing.


OMG!! This is truly incredible. Some of the stuff that she used I never even heard of that so fascinating I would love to learn more. She is so talented


Your not alone on being freaked out by the idea that makeup can transform someone into your doppleganger!

Brings a whole new meaning to “identity theft” lol.
I do also agree it takes major talent…would be great for Halloween or something!


I could see a service like this becoming a thing, like the blow dry shops.


Wow. Four major thoughts came to mind as I watched the video. The first was, “That’s way too much work.” The second thought was, “Why?” The third thought was, “She does an excellent job promoting the cosmetics she uses &amp: promoting sponsorship.” The fourth thought was, “She would
be very successful as a makeup artist for the movies, Broadway, etc…”


It’s truly amazing how talented people are.
I could never accomplish that nor put the effort…


I’ve watched videos like this before. When I was a teen I used to play around with makeup with my younger sister and try to recreate looks like this. They never looked right because we didn’t know what we were doing. I think makeovers like this are an art and they’re only possible if you really know how to change the way your face is perceived by using makeup.


I own both of these. L♡VE, L♡VE, L♡VE!!! They not only have stunning pictures and tips but look great on the coffee table. My favorite books ever!


it is like art. i didn’t even think about that. but the results are absolutely amazing in this video and others i have came across. it does seem like it would be a lot of work to do, but i still want to try it, maybe not to the extent in these video’s, i doubt i could be that good. but i don’t want to look completely different, maybe just a little barbie dolled up for a day.


I was a makeup artist for many years and took many advanced classes, some with world renown artists. Although transformative makeup may seem extreme and time consuming to some, there is great wealth in possessing and utilizing these techniques when the occasion calls. Most especially powerful for some people who suffer self-esteem issues from skin conditions (I use to be one of them). Scars, acne, dark circles, bruising, redness and the like can all be totally concealed and make a radical difference in someone’s life. I also use to work with cancer patients, amazing how teaching them some makeup tips can restore their self confidence and make them feel beautiful again! Contouring and highlight can make double chins and sagginess from strokes virtually dissapear. Sparse eyebrows can be filled in, transforming not only the eye region but entire face. Many whom feel insecure about their looks and are considering plastic surgery can avoid it all together through advanced makeup application tips. And for the everyday woman, these transformative tips are very
useful for those special occasions and photography, those once-in-a-lifetime moments that are captured in time forever.


I don’t think any normal person would do this before work everyday, but it might be a fun “escape” for an occasional evening.