🗞 Melanoma Risk Drops 40 with Childhood Sunscreen Use



I came across this article the other day and found it interesting. 40% is a big difference!


It’s such a material difference everyone should do this.


I used sunscreen on my son as a child. But unfortunately I don’t think this is a normal practice among African Americans.


So even though I am a darker skinned person I used to use sunscreen/sunblock religiously as a kid and teenager (thanks mom) and one day, randomly, I developed a photosensitivity allergy to all things containing sunblock. It makes me blister and rash and makes me swell up and I can’t even use lip balm with sunblock in it. Weird right? I went to a doctor and he said its basically going to get worse with each exposure. The only thing that doesn’t seem to cause problems is makeup containing minimal amounts of SPF, but I don’t really use full face makeup or heavy coverage either.