Member Highlight! Meet Erin! 🌟


Hey guys my name is Erin and I live in Manchester New Hampshire. I'm a mother to two boys and one girl. One of my boys lives with his father full time. I love to read and do my nails and collect perfumes.

Why did you join the forum originally and what’s your favorite thing about it?

To learn more about makeup and how to apply it better.

What is your favorite beauty product of all time and why?

Right now it's this coffee and cocoa mask from the Body Shop. It brightens your skin and makes it glow amazingly.

What’s a beauty product you’ve always wanted to try and why?

Every Korean product other than injectables under the sun, they're just so amazing...other than that I don't have a specific one right now.

What’s one message you’d like to share with the entire community?

Do your best and know it's good enough.

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Please to meet you Erin :hugs:

Nice to meet you! What have you read so far in 2019?

Welcome fellow reader! It’s also one of my favorite pastimes.

I’m not sure if I’ve already posted…but Hello @Erin! The coffee & cocoa mask sound amazing,

Hi Erin I love coffee and cocoa diy mask must check out the Body Shop one. The Body Shop is my favorite store.