Micellar water: how it works


I stumbled on this blog while trying to learn more about micellar water and I really enjoyed her explanation: https://labmuffin.com/fact-check-what-is-micellar-water-and-how-does-it-work-an-update/

Any recommendations for more sites like this that have semi-detailed explanations designed for laypersons? Is “Skin Care Uni” coming back??


It’s very important to be aware of our skin types when choosing skin care products because Micellular water is not recommended for persons with dry skin! But more so for oily skin persons! I’ve used a few brands my favorite is Pixi Glow tonic! It has the Micellular water combined with natural ingredients to help your skin glow! Also Skinceuticals are putting out some very good products aim to hydrate, replenish and revive the skin!


So I have samples in my stock … should I use them and report back or should I toss them? I’m thinking that they won’t do any harm, but with the acne I experience on my chin … I’m willing to try most anything
at this point!


I have no idea, that would depend on a bunch of factors! The link I posted focuses more on the chemistry of how micellar water works. Each brand will be slightly different and the way you use the product will also affect your results.

I personally like to do a “test patch” with products to see how they work, even if they’re not recommended for my skin type. I’ve been surprised before!

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Very good read I never knew that so many things come into play with Micellar water.


Yep! I love learning the science behind different ingredients and ingredient types so it’s easier for me to predict whether a product works. So many brands use vague terms like gentle, all natural, etc. that don’t really mean anything. Other brands make claims that are outright false like “no aluminum” (ahem, Crystal deodorant) which also makes the buying process harder without a chemistry background.


I use it on occasion.


Do a test run first to see what works and what do not! And yes please give your feedback so that others and the companies can know how the product work for you!
But it’s such a waste to get the samples and throw them out!

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