Mineral Sunscreen & Nanoparticles

I found this link while trying to decide on a mineral sunscreen to buy and was really surprised about the makeup and spray!!

“EWG strongly discourages the use of loose powder makeup or spray sunscreens using titanium dioxide or zinc oxide of any particle size. FDA is proposing additional tests for sunscreens in powder or aerosol form to ensure no nanoparticles or small particles are released that could damage the lungs (FDA 2019).”

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Wow! That’s a bit of a concerning information for something we should be using daily.

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This is a eye opener here! I rarely use sun screen, not because of my melanin skin tone but for the fact that I never completely trust what goes into them! And reading this article only solidify my decision to be more investigative when choosing skincare products especially makeup and products j use on my delicate areas. Thank you for the post.

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I’m so pale that the definite harm from sun exposure always outweighs whatever the potential harm is from sunscreen. I’ve seriously gotten permanent wrinkles and mild “leatheriness” on my chest from ONE sunburn! Lol I should probably just get a parasol and find some of those full-coverage linen outfits for summer.

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From what I’ve read about all these risks, sunscreen USERS aren’t really in any danger. The issue is what factory workers are exposed to.

I’ve heard similar things about fake nails - if you get acrylics and are only exposed to all of that twice a month for one hour at a time, your body can deal with it. But if you work at a salon and are exposed for multiple decades at 40 hours a week, then the exposure is enough to cause harm.


So true! More so because they don’t wear the proper protective gears in order to protect themselves. Good point!

Wow that’s crazy! Thanks for the info.

That’s true, but I can understand why they don’t wear all that. Even if everything fits very snugly, surgical masks can affect peripheral vision, rubber gloves can affect fine motor sensation.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if some of the business owners were cutting corners by skimping on air filtration systems, refusing to get safer but slightly more expensive supplies, or even making employees pay for all of their own safety equipment.

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Well said! Those are all factors as well.

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