Mist & Stick Deodorant 01A Feedback Questionnaires


Hello @CC_Deodorant_01 now that everyone has had over a month to use these two deodorant samples, we’d love your official opinions!

Please complete by 11/26/18 to be considered for future testing opportunities!

Note: The surveys below are only to be completed by

Which was your favorite?





Thanks again for the testing opportunity! I just finished the poll and both questionnaires!


Just finished the poll and questionnaires. Thanks for the opportunity to test these products. It was an interesting experience.


Done! :heavy_check_mark: Thank you @John for the wonderful experience!


done, thank you for the opportunity to try them both.


Thanks for the opportunity to test out these great deodorants! It was so much fun and I had a chance to try natural deodorants for the first time. I was very impressed with how well they both worked!


Thank you for giving me the chance to test these deodorants! It’s a lightly hard choice as to which one is my favorite. Overall, I liked them both!
Also completed the surveys.


Done! I’ve been loving the deodorants so much!


Enjoyed testing these. Hope to try out new ones or other products!


Thank you for the opportunity. It was a very interesting experience.


Thanks for all the thank yous. We’ll have to correlate the “interesting experience” comments to the “i’ll buy it today” question :wink:

In all seriousness though, we don’t expect to knock it out of the park with every test, these are pre-production products. The more constructive feedback, the better!


Completed both questionnaires and the poll. Really hoping to see that stick tweaked some because the scent I absolutely love!


All done! Thank you for the opportunity to participate!


Finally just submitted mine! Thanks as always for the opportunity to participate with these samples! It’s always so much fun to try the new products!


@CC_Deodorant_01 Hello everyone, today is the deadline complete your brief surveys and vote for your favorite deodorant, Stick or Spray.


Hi John, I was wondering–is the stick deodorant was actually available for purchase? Although I was not a huge fan of it, I let my mother (who has been looking for a good natural/aluminum-free deodorant) try it and she actually liked it quite well and was asking me where she can get it. I was hoping that I could actually buy one but I don’t know if that’s a possibility. Could you let me know, please? Thanks!



Hi Carla, We’re still in R&D mode, so the feedback provided will help us figure out if we should offer it for sale or retool it. So glad to hear she liked it, please give it to her!