Mist & Stick Deodorant 01A Feedback Questionnaires


LOL, I actually did end up giving it to her because she was enjoying it more than I. Is there any way that we will be notified if and when these products are available for purchase?


I already completed the feedback and voted when I got a sample of Native brand deodorant from PinchMe. I tried their sample and it is very creamy, smooth, and easy to apply. You may want to look into that brand for ideas on how to make your deodorant not quite so harsh (one of the reasons I voted for the the spray). I was very wary of moving away from my antiperspirant prior to doing this test, but now I know I can use a deodorant alone and be ok. I appreciate being a part of this group. I have learned a lot.


Appreciate the detailed info on the smoothness of Native, very good to know!


I apologize on the late feedback but, I absolutely love these opportunities and cherish them so very much!


Sorry for the late responses but I got them in! I value every.single opportunity!!!


I’m not sure how to tell whether I took the questionnaires or not. I was pretty sure I did, but then I can’t see my little picture underneath that post so then I thought maybe I didn’t but I am now confused.


I see your responses, thank you for confirming Siobhan!


@CC_Deodorant_01 Here is the aggregated feedback for the deodorants we wanted to share. Note, while your written feedback was collected, it isn’t displayed here, so don’t worry it’s not lost - It’s just a limitation of the reporting platform.

Unfortunately only 61% of testers provided feedback for these samples. If you tested a deodorant sample and didn’t provide feedback (we won’t mention you by name) we sure would appreciate you taking the time to complete it for us (see link above).

Deodorant Results






Seems to me that most people who provided feedback liked these products.

I think people who don’t provide feedback shouldn’t be allowed to test the next time since you and your team works very hard in developing these products.


It is too bad that so many people didn’t do as promised. You didn’t ask for a lot. Super easy to do the surveys. It was interesting looking at the results. I thought there would have been a more positive response. I’d say there is definitely room for improvement. Thanks for sharing. I was curious about this.


For this being the first attemp, I think the results are encouraging. Community Cosmetics is doing its due diligence before products hit the market and is consumer conscious enough to reformulate a product when necessary. There are huge, well known companies that release and sell products that have to be discontinued because of a lack of sales, due to the absence of prior consumer input.
As for those who didn’t keep their agreement to do the surveys after receiving the product, I concur with @naffy786, they shouldn’t receive any more products to test. We’re all adults here, let’s be responsible.


i really enjoyed testing them out, i loved them both but i agree with the results the mist was better, but the solid was irritating after a few days and too hard. i honestly would like to try out a easier to apply and non-irritating version of the solid because i just loved the scent. but thank you for posting the results.


That’s SO sad that some people couldn’t hold up their end of the deal. I loved having the opportunity to test for you so I make sure I complete everything I’m supposed to! I want to also be considered in the future for testing. Thank you for this amazing opportunity @John and the whole Community Cosmetics team. It truly was a great experience! :heart:


I’m wondering if some other people had the issues similar to the one I had where I wasn’t sure whether I had done the questionnaires or not. It turned out I had done them, but I couldn’t necessarily see that I had already done them and with the Thanksgiving holiday, I noticed it had been about a week since I logged in and I hadn’t gotten an email from Community Cosmetics for a little while. I just don’t want to assume that people decided not to do it purposely, but maybe some of these people got a little busy and more forgetful with the holiday. Also, Happy Holidays everyone!


I double checked to make sure. I always like to try to get the surey’s done as soon as I see the email. i had a glitch too if i recall correctly. That’s why i double checked.


Thanks for sharing the feedback on them. I logged in the other day to specifically see if this was up yet! Thought maybe you were busy with the eye cream stuff so checked out those posts. But maybe it took so long because not many did them :frowning:

And after seeing others double check I was curious and clicked the link and it said start, so i clicked start and it was an empty survey. But I know I for sure completed them. I had saved notes during the month and used the notes to help on the survey. So I just want to be sure you got my surveys?


Got em, thanks for checking Melissa!


I also doubted myself. I know I done them but then I got to thinking what if they didn’t go through. My anxiety always goes through the roof.


@John would you let me know if it’s showing that I completed it? I’m sorry. I’m just double checking so I can put my mind at ease.


We’ll follow up with emails for the stragglers. If anything, it means we’ve got more work to do on these products. When people aren’t banging down the door to make something or let you know how it went, it needs more work.

I think natural deodorants are a tricky category, too. Most of the people here hadn’t tried them before, and seeing if you can convert newbs to a would be buyer on the first go is daunting. I’m curious to know how the spray deodorant would have fared with people who have had experience with spray deodorants. I obviously like the spray deodorant we put out to test, whereas the stick is something I wouldn’t use anyway, but most people still use sticks. That said, this stick was just too hard to comfortably use.

I also think our own preference for essential oil fragrances isn’t warmly received by this audience. Still not sure if that’s because most of our testers are new to essential oil smells, or we need more work on developing our scents. Coconut seems to play well regardless :slight_smile:

Finally, I realized I can provide an email confirmation for future surveys, so I’ll get that enabled for y’all.