Mist & Stick Deodorant 01A Feedback Questionnaires


LOL, I actually did end up giving it to her because she was enjoying it more than I. Is there any way that we will be notified if and when these products are available for purchase?


I already completed the feedback and voted when I got a sample of Native brand deodorant from PinchMe. I tried their sample and it is very creamy, smooth, and easy to apply. You may want to look into that brand for ideas on how to make your deodorant not quite so harsh (one of the reasons I voted for the the spray). I was very wary of moving away from my antiperspirant prior to doing this test, but now I know I can use a deodorant alone and be ok. I appreciate being a part of this group. I have learned a lot.


Appreciate the detailed info on the smoothness of Native, very good to know!


I apologize on the late feedback but, I absolutely love these opportunities and cherish them so very much!


Sorry for the late responses but I got them in! I value every.single opportunity!!!


I’m not sure how to tell whether I took the questionnaires or not. I was pretty sure I did, but then I can’t see my little picture underneath that post so then I thought maybe I didn’t but I am now confused.


I see your responses, thank you for confirming Siobhan!