Mist & Stick Deodorant 01A Feedback Questionnaires


It’s a shame so many people didn’t respond. This whole thing is a fun learning experience, they’re missing out by not giving feedback!


Is there a way to double check that we did the questionnaires and that they went through? I’m like 99% sure I did but I know there can be computer glitches and things and definitely want to make sure I completed mine.


You’re good Danielle, no worries.


It’s true, if someone just signed up for freebies, they got their stuff but are missing the point. This is a community whatever your reason for being here. This involves communication. I hope, John, that the feedback is helping you guide the company. We all will weave in and out, depending on what is going on in our lives, but please acknowledge that we’re here to share information and opinions! Wishing all of you a happy, healthy New Year full of love and luck! May all good things be huge in our lives and all bad things think better of it and go skittering away with their tails between their legs! :smiley_cat: