I need some serious moisture on my face. What’s the best, affordable moisturizer out there? How can I get rid of this dry skin on my face? My T zone is like a desert.


I like CeraVe for something that’s effective, a big step up from Jergens, but isn’t so fancy if you don’t like it you’re out a pile of :moneybag:. Also easy to find at most pharmacies, Target, and probably your grocery store.


weleda skin food is AMAZING! i also struggle with super dry skin but i’ve been using the skin food for 2 weeks now and i love it

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@Laurynmarie143 SO I have been using this specific brand which you can find inexpensively at Sprouts stores or amazon. It is amazing and I have been using it for the last week on my face and my body and it is helping my inflammation and sores I get from my mixed connective tissue disease as well My lupus scalp sores are almost gone on my head! I believe this could be helpful to use and a drop literally is all you need and it absorbs into the skin pretty good too just be stingy with how much you apply. A little literally goes a log way and the link I posted here also has the recipe as well for those who are interested in trying. Hope this is helpful.


I’ve tried rejuvenate creams, coconut oil, expensive serums, nothing seemed to help in a long term. As soon as I washed my face, it would be flaky.
Right now I’m using two products, alternately with hydroquinone, that’s been helping a lot and didn’t break my skin. Vaselin (night) and Desintin.
Desintin has a high % of zinc, turning it into a potent sun block. The only problem is to acquire a right foundation or the face will be too pale.

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@Johnt hanks so much for the info. My skin can get crazy flakey and right now it’s not as bad as it can get. I will check out what you reccomended and fi gers crossed, it will help!


@Sarytta thanks so much! I feel like we are having the same problems. As soon as I was my face and it dries, my skin too gets flakey. I will look up your recommendations! Thanks again!

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@Stormidoll… Wow. That’s alot to handle and seems really intense. I’m happy to hear that this has worked for you! I love sprouts! So I will definitely go by, and look for it! Thank you so much!


@Laurynmarie143 yes, it definitely is at times. I have managed to find things that do work and help though so things are not to terrible. It is a challenge since there is no cure but managing my symptoms has actually made me more conscious of what I use and also what I consume as well. I do still use a few products that are not cruelty free but I am making slow changes and finding the cruelty free and herbal products even if I have to make my own are definitely more helpful and beneficial. Also I want to add that if you use the hemp oil as a cleanser there is no need to moisturize afterwards either which is awesome! That means you can put your makeup on without having to moisturize first and I have no need to use a face primer either. Saves money and a win, win I think also. Glad I could help and hope you have good results also. Just a reminder don’t use too much of it as I found that out the hard way the first time lol and also you will need to refrigerate it once you open it and they also have it in their vitamin refrigerated section also I discovered the other day and comes in an even larger bottle for around the same price. Yeah sprouts it my cheaper version of whole paycheck lol !


Try Derma e products, reasonably priced and available at good grocery stores! Their Hydrating Day Cream is particularly intense. You will probably need very little at a time.:cat:


Yep. Derma E is my go to brand as well. Even my brother has jumped on the Derma E band wagon, seeing the results.

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Some people say vaselin is bad for our skin, because it’s petroleum jelly. But for dry skin it’s amazing. The best time to use it is after shower, so it will lock the moisture inside and treat the skin inside out. I’ve been using it for more than two months, about twice a week in my whole body. No breakouts, it feels sticky at first, but when I wake up the skin is so soft!

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I use ST, IVES with collagen I pay $4 walmart and most drug stores carry it.

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You have beautiful skin.


Thank you so much. at 43 gotta take care my skin. I also use every night fresh aloe vera and I sleep with it.


:flushed: I would have NEVER guessed you are 43! Keep up whatever you’re doing or not doing!


Wooow, 43! Yeah, keep doing your thing. But tell me how is it to sleep with aloe on your face? Do you apply it like a mask or like a lotion? I have this thought that it’s going to be messy on the pillows, lol.


Thank you so much. I blend the inside of the aloe and I put in fridge it so it wont spoil. At night time I use a cotton ball and just apply all over my face and neck. It drys like water so its not messy.

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I would start with some hydrating toners first and then put a moisturizer on top of that.

Earth Recipe toner is a bit pricey but extremely hydrating. And the bottle will last quite some time.

I also like the Soon Jung toner not as hydrating but you can do a few layers of it. It’s got a big bottle and pretty cheap too.

Here are some videos you may find helpful


I will have to try this. Thank you!