Mold / Mycotoxins and skin health


Has anyone had toxin mold / mycotoxin exposure and a subsequent decline in your skin health? I didn’t even know it was “a thing”, but after 18 months living in an apartment with terrible black mold, my entire health suffered, including my face and hair.

Still dealing with it today! My hair health came back with a rigorous supplement routine, but my skin still suffers from a rash and excessive dryness (winter isn’t helping).

Has anyone dealt with anything like this and any advice?


dude omg black mold is one of the most dangerous kinds of mold. - stay far away.

I am not sure about skin or hair health but I do know that it isn’t good for people with asthma. I’ve never heard of it affecting skin and hair, but it’s quite possible.


I know mold effect people differently. So you noticed the issue with your hair and skin.Along with overall health. Glad your getting better. All you can do is try to do your own research on the topic and see if you can add valid practices into your routine.


Oh yeah, it wasn’t intentional to be around it!! It was miserable. I gained 30 lbs, my hair fell out, I was confused and had memory loss. It took me 18 months to figure out it was mold but then I immediately moved out. I’ve been treating it for a year now and still have symptoms! It’s awful!


Yes, I’m going through this now, we will be moving in April, since we can’t afford to now. I’m not sure about skin and hair, but I do have allergies and use an inhaler now


aww, well I hope you can completely recover soon.


Thank you so much! <3


Oh no!! Are you seeing a doctor? Are you taking glutathione and charcoal powder to help clean it out a little bit? I’m so sorry to hear this!


I did see a dr. And they prescribed the inhaler and allergy meds. I stopped taking one. I wasn’t aware these products could help! I will look into this! Thank you so much!


I bet that using dial soap would cure it. I was having terrible skin problems and a dermatologist told me that and it worked. He said that it has mild antibacterial properties, is moisturizing, and is hypoallergenic. The dial bar soap.


Have either of you considered a colon cleanse or a liver cleanse to detoxify?

Also, did you hold your landlord accountable for having mold growing in your environment??


I’ve been taking detox supplements for a year now, plus infrared saunas. I’d totally do a colonic but there aren’t really good places near me.

Also, it’s incredibly difficult to get the landlords to do anything about it. The only person who was ever successful at a lawsuit was Ed McMahon because mold killed his dog. Every govt official I’ve spoken with said the best thing to do is cut your losses and get out of the place before it gets worse :frowning:


@Melissa_Levick It’s a shame you have to be famous to get someone to handle a problem with integrity. I would definitely use my review writing power to let any prospective tenants know about the experience.


O.M.G…This is incredibly interesting to me, this is gonna be long, but bare with me plz…my parents basement flooded. Badly. They are on a set income and so we got the water out, but repairs have gone slower then we had hoped.

My father has suffered, to the point of being hospitalized for weeks at a time, due to his breathing being so bad. His o2 levels were so low last time he went in to the dr for it, his dr said he didnt know how my dad was still conscious!!.. because there was so little oxygen in his blood making it to his brain and other major organs. My moms hair is falling out in clumps, and shes had a very hard time mantaining her weight. Shes small, and was struggling to not lose weight. But was also always sickly.

We all assumed it was a lifetime of smoking finally catching up to him. And drs thought maybe it was COPD. But nothings came back 100% conclusive. And his health has gone down hill so fast. Now he has to be on oxygen 24/7.

So because of his rapidly declining health, they have avoided a hard winter here in Maine, and have opted to move to their second home in Florida full time. Its been a god send for my dad. He needs his oxygen still, but not 24/7 now. And over all he feels better.

Well, when they left for FL. They needed someone to house sit, our winters in Maine are so harsh and demanding you absolutely can NOT leave a home un attended. Youd come back to no water pipes left working and your roof caved in, among other things. SO, my husband and my son and myself moved in.

Our plan was to work on the basement throughout the winter, so its all set for them to stay in when they come back to visit in the summer.

Except theres one BIG problem…we are all now sick. Pounding migrains, constant bouts of nauseousness daily, sinus infections, my skin is behaving differently then usual, and mine n my husbands hair is thinning…my 4 year old son has a skin disorder. And its been so hard to keep under control. Its heart breaking really. (very similar side effects as my mom and dad had, but theirs were blamed on old age and other medical problems. So no connection was made…before now)

And so im reading this thread just now, and it clicked, a light bulb went off…WE ARE ALL BEING POISONED BY MOLD FROM THE BASEMENT! :astonished::astonished:

You guys may have just saved my dads life. Im not joking. I now have ONE thing that can be causing all of our symptoms. And i know its not yet been considered by our drs.

But it makes perfect sense! My husband and myself found SO MUCH MOLD on the beams and sheet rock in the basement. Never seen before because we had to pull the wall back to expose it.

Im calling my parents rite now, and making plans to get my family out of here until the molds all gone and cleaned up… i knew mold was BAD for your health. But i didnt realize all the symptoms it caused.

I had NO explanation for mine and my husbands symptoms. But we knew they clearly started shortly after moving in here, shortly before christmas time 18.

Im scared because i dont know what damage this is doing to us…but based off my dads severe and rapid decline in health, i know it cant be good.

With that said, what are your recommendations for ALL NATURAL clenses. I am of course going to speak with our dr. But i always opt for all natural remedies for my son, as his skin disorder makes him basically allergic to everything. (Dust makes him break out in hive life patches from head to toe, same with body sprays, laundry soap, etc doesnt even have to come in direct contact with it. Just in the same room) SO, I want to explore options to help clear out any toxins, and if not for him, then for my husband and myself.

(Off to go bleach the entire basement with a facemask on :persevere:)


Brittney, I have bad news - you have to move out, like immediately. I’ve now gone through it in two different houses and the ONLY way to heal is to get out. Especially for your son’s sake.

Bleach won’t help. You might be able to use a professional remediate, but it will cost thousands.

I know this is not what you want to hear, but honestly if you value your family’s health (obviously you do), I’d get out asap.

I have doctor’s recommendations, tests that I took to see where my levels were, detox protocols, and podcasts/books as resources if you’d like me to send them to you.

I lived in mold for 1.5 years and I’ve been treating the fallout for 2 years now. And I still have health issues that we can’t solve yet. Again, I don’t want to scare or anger you - just sharing that I strongly believe the best thing you can do is move out.

PM me if you want any of the above info! Thinking wonderful thoughts for you and your family!


Ive literally had the craziest day today! Im currently back at our place. And we have appointments for the morning. So safe for now, we’ll know more tomorrow of course. Its really crazy all the awful things that can be happening in your body and you have no idea. So glad we ripped the wall down and i stumbled apon this thread so now we know. :pray::heart: