Mood enhancing scents


has anyone ever noticed that certain scents can put you in a better mood, like jasmine seems to take my stress away, as to where rose seems to calm and relax me, and my daughter says the smell of coconut on her skin makes her feel pretty. citrus scents seem to make me feel more energized. is this just in my head or how can just a scent effect your mood?


Citrus and rosemary have long been credited with making us feel more energized and aware and lavender is credited with being calming. While some of this might just relate to memories so deep that we don’t realize we’re associating them with particular scents, the history of various types of aromatherapies and related concepts is so old that there’s probably a lot of substance in there. How old is your daughter? Depending on age, she probably hasn’t
read or heard a lot that would give her these ideas, she’s probably reacting very instinctively. Plus, if she really loves the smell of coconut, it may be very uplifting for her.


she is 13, and she hasn’t heard anything about that, i myself hadn’t heard of that, i had only heard about certain tea’s that could do, well not make you feel pretty , but the relief of stress . you might be right though, she does love the smell of coconut in everything she uses.


Maybe it’s worth finding out more about coconut. I’ve noticed a lot of people in the community are very partial to it. Everything has special properties, coconut probably does too.




I’ve come across articles that share how certain scents can calm stress or anxiety.


I love warm scents like vanilla and cinnamon that usually puts me in a great calming mood for some reason.


I like minty smells like eucalyptus and spearmint. My mom enjoys lavender which I also find soothing.


Vanilla ALWAYS makes me happy! It’s been one of my favorite scents since I was pretty young. For Christmas one year in middle school my parents gave me a little gift basket that had vanilla body spray and lotion and I think one more thing but I can’t remember what. But I just used it sooo much and every time I smell something that’s vanilla, it just transports me to that time and I get really happy. I also find it very calming!


i love eucalyptus in everything from face wash, astringents, body washes to lotion.there is just something very appealing about that scent.


vanilla is very soothing and relaxing.
it actually reminds me of christmas whenever i smell it.


I like the smells of lavender, vanilla, and orange blossom. I bake a lot so the smells of vanilla extract and almond extract are some of my favorites for around the house, although I don’t necessarily like to smell like food myself.


Gosh, just about any scent alters my mood :slight_smile:
I love so many of them.
We have hundreds of essential oils and I can’t get enough of them.
I have a shaving soap which is
sandalwood/cedar and it’s a great manly, woody scent.


Hey, no hogging the sandalwood/cedar, or at least the sandalwood. Love to see that in a product.


I love cooking smells, maybe because it means I’ve had time to unwind a little and I love feeding people! But maybe not… coffee, cardamom, nutmeg, sesame oil, good enough to eat, but I’d be happy to bathe in them.


The first thing that came to mind was the smell of my son’s breath as a baby, the Mylicon Drops I gave him as a baby, baby lotions I used on him etc. I actually keep a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Lotion in my nightstand just to smell and remember that time.