Moody Sisters tried every cruelty free deodorant so you don't have to


Very interesting! I’m sure I have myself tried a few of those brands and they didn’t work for me! Thank you for sharing

I quit wearing deodorant a few years ago. I don’t notice any body odor? Is this wrong or can people do without deodorant? I used to use an Avon rollon!

I know some people who don’t use deo. I sometimes envy them. I’m just a sweaty person I guess (lol) and I don’t like how I smell! Thankfully, I haven’t got complaints from other people (even my SO who says he loves my BO, lol) so I think it’s just me who finds myself stinky, haha! I think sometimes our body odor comes from the food that we eat as well.

I’ve used a natural deodorant for years but when I moved here in the US, the one I use isn’t available here so I searched for new ones. The first one I’ve tried is from Native. I liked it at first then after a while it sort of stopped working for me. I switched to Schmidt’s and for some reason it made me itch at first so I stopped using for a couple of months. I even detoxed my pits. When I tried it again, it didn’t itch anymore and it’s what I use now.

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How do you detox your pits?

I think it all has to do with each Ph’s people type and take in count it can change. Another good way to avoid this is to drink enough water.

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I use bentonite clay mixed with water and a bit of apple cider vinegar and leave it for 10-15 mins and shower it off.

It depends on the person. I know that when I’m healthy, I don’t really get BO. But if I’m sick or on certain meds, no amount of showering will replace the need for deodorant :joy: