Morning rituals that are making you look older, what do you think? true or false?


i received this in an email, a long with some of my other topic posts today, and after reading it, realized that a lot of what is in it, has been talked about in here. i thought i would share it in here to see if it does infact answer anyones questions or help in one way or another. ( sorry for posting a lot of posts back to back today)



Hey, don’t ever feel you have to apologize for sharing information. If people don’t want it, they’ll look away. The rest of us will take a look and see what’s useful or helpful in there.


Interesting information. Thank you for posting. I was actually thinking about a female this morning that looks years
older than she actually is. Her face looks extremely dehydrated, and I was wondering what her issue(s) could be. I think you may have provided the answer(s).


thank you :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing


Thank you for sharing this.


I find it interesting too how many things many people do regularly that is making them look older. I stopped wearing make up about a year ago and my skin looks more radiant and healthier than it has in a long time… granted in 21 so I shouldn’t look wrinkly yet! :slight_smile:


Over-cleanse, over-exfoliate, over-makeup, under-SPF - Yup.
Simple but good things to watch out for.


Wow… I had no idea that having too much coffee is bad for the skin. I’m going to have to cut down on my coffee drinking. lol


i didn’t think coffee was bad for your skin either, being as they are starting to use it in beauty care products now.


i posted some of these in here hoping you could provide more detail into them, or let us know if they were true or not. .


I use a moisturizing sunscreen at the end of my morning ritual instead of foundation.
My skin is clear enough to not need to cover much.

As far as coffee goes, I drink canned Yerba Mate, it’s not the cheapest.
I have some friends who work in a local tea warehouse bundling and shipping bulk tea.
The tea is super good and the price is pretty reasonable.
My favorite is Gingerbread Chai kind of non-sugary quick breakfasts do you all eat?


I make a smoothie with frozen spinach, frozen blueberries, whole fat yogurt, whole fat milk,
fresh-ground peanut butter (sorry mom, not Jiff), whey protein powder, & coconut oil.
It tastes… healthy, but I’ve become accustomed to it.
The fat keeps me full for hours.


ginger bread chai sounds like it would be good i might have to try that i love tea


does spinach taste good in a smoothie? i eat spinach on almost everything but never thought about putting it my smoothies.


Too much coffee consumed is the problem, as caffeine is dehydrating.
Just drink 1-2 servings of water for every service of coffee.
Topically applied caffeine to a spot area isn’t going to dehydrate your body.


Yes, I agree with all of the suggestions you posted in this topic!
Don’t use too many products, you’ll dry out and irritate your skin.
Wear sunscreen.
Drink coffee in moderation.
Wear less makeup.
Skip the sugar!


If you buffer it with fruit like pineapple you don’t really notice it.
I use blueberries and it’s fine with me.
I’d never know I’m drinking spinach except for it’s a very green beverage.


I’m willing to look slightly older for my morning coffee. :slight_smile:


i don’t think coffee being on this list is true, if it were it wouldn’t be a new trend product in a lot of beauty care products today, i don’t think anyways, and there are a lot of them on the market today. even coffee masks you can even make your own at home, using the coffee grounds from the can you have at home. unless maybe its the cream and sugar in the coffee when you drink they were referring to, it confuses me a little.