🗞 Natural Deodorant Review



I was kind of surprised not to see Native (below) make their list of natural tested deodorants. Which natural deodorants have you tried?


I have tried Dove and liked it. I am in the process of trying Yodora, so let’s see how that one comes out.



Be great to see your thoughts on that one! Would you post a review of it as a separate topic when you let us know?


Will do, definitely. :slight_smile: I can make a different thread later on after I am done trying it for a couple of days.


Cool, take your time with it, no rush. Try it out for a few weeks to see what you think.


Those reviews were really interesting. I didn’t realize the world of natural deodorant is as expansive as it is. And they can get pretty pricey. I don’t see myself becoming a fan of a deodorant I have to rub into my armpits. My go to natural deodorant is Alvera. I’ve used it for about a decade or more.



I used that mineral rock deodorant and even tried the spray and it did nothing for me except irritate my armpits. I smelled terrible and felt sweaty and gross. I also used Tom’s of Maine natural deodorant and had roughly the same experience. I even tried to detox my armpits first and no luck.



this works really good for me. after using for a little while it truly does help eliminate body odor. it didn’t irritate my skin, i could barely feel it was on me. i haven’t tried the other types crystal has out but i can say this one really helped


I’ve tried the Native deodorant and it didn’t work for me.